GamersNexus - Spell Depth

  • Its interesting watching the interview.

    I guess I originally assumed (incorrectly) that you could cast any one of many spells.

    So spells you have 3 slots like we have today with CMW melee.

    Of course with CMW melee with one weapon you can do a whole variety of things

    • stab
    • slash
    • overhead
    • riposte
    • combo
    • feint
    • alternate attacks
    • drag

    and the list goes on, we are all very familiar with it, there is a lot of depth and no two fights are identical

    So how do you achieve that same level of depth with spells?

    Taking your main offensive spell are there different ways to cast it? Can you cast a delayed spell? I heard in the video you can combo which is great. Perhaps you can do a slower casting time in order to gain more power? Do you have to face the direction of where you are aiming or could you shoot one behind you? It will be interesting to see how disguising spells works (or as someone said Feint a Fireball)

  • Goodness Gracious Feint Balls of Fire!

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