Xbox Game Developers Conference

  • Microsoft Goes On Damage Control After Controversial Xbox GDC Party
    Microsoft has gone on full damage control mode after coming under fire for hiring scantily-clad female go-go dancers

    I thought it was some kind of April fools gag tbh. Are they trying to tell me game developers who make games with violence
    plus sexual content, plus show killing in games are annoyed about that , Maybe they should have chucked them all rubik’s
    cubes and green anoraks to spot trains.

  • What about postal or Duke Nukem doing the same thing? So tired of this whiny SJW attitude. Yes sex exists and it’s a thing, we’re all human beings. Notice how the article doesn’t even show the “controversial” images, it’s just girls in goddammit skirts. But the website doesn’t want all the emails and complaints and social media bullshit where ignorant people abuse their freedom of speech to silence others with this retarded shaming thing people do.

    People want some ideal world where everyone gets a fair shake and no one gets their feelings hurt. Wake up to reality where things eat other things to survive and we’re just a well-adapted primate species. We’re destroying our environment and biodiversity and using up all our resources foolishly with no thought towards the longterm. It’s when you see this that you understand how ill-equipped we are to be the inhabitants of this planet. We’re the only animal capable of understanding and affecting the planet on on a global scale, we should be living symbiotically but instead we’re like like a parasite.

    You see what kind of anger one stupid SJW article causes? Stupidity is like a loaded rifle aimed at my brain and the Internet is like the ultimate armory with all kinds of retardo-guns waiting to fire. With Loin on the trigger aiming it. Posting this thread was like you sending me a bad mood. Shame on you tbh.

  • I had to pause my movie to type that Black Mass with John Depp very good tbh. But now my tea is cold. Earl Grey Hot as Picard would say. But cold now.

  • Imo some organisation splashing out on a good party for programmers and developers is grand, Times must be changing
    I recall a few chess clubs based in pubs where a pint was enjoyed over a game of chess. A few boffins yrs later objected to
    any beer breaths and that avenue went up in smoke.

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