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  • Hey Torn Banner Peoples,

    First let me say thank you for giving me the opportunity to play in the alpha and give my feedback on your upcoming game, M:AW. Also sometimes I may be known as a troll/memer or whatever on the subreddit but I am here to be serious and help contribute feedback to make Mirage a great game for everyone to enjoy as much as possible.

    First Impressions:

    • After seeing the trailer I was weary about the art looking too cartoonish, but after playing I really like the style and I think it fits really well with the game.

    • Classes and abilities are awesome. Straight up I love the ideas of all the classes and the many abilities in the game.

    • This game has insane potential. No joke this can be just as big or larger than Chivalry MW. But it needs some gameplay/mechanic changes to make this happen.

    Please note these suggestions are not coming from the perspective of a Competitive chivalry player, but from the perspective of someone who has put literally thousands of hours into C:MW and other melee games.

    • Every class/character needs to be able to parry. This is so important for balance and gameplay reasons. Vypress might be the most fun to play class but she is currently not viable outside of 1v1 combat without a parry. Parrying is one of the most basic needed abilities to be able to play the game and without it, you cant play that class/character to its full potential.

    • SPRINT. Implement the sprint mechanic. It needs the sprint mechanic. It does not feel right to not have the sprint mechanic. I heard the reason for no sprint was because they wanted to use L-Shift for certain abilities. If that is true then that is a cop-out and a bullshit excuse to not have sprint. (Excuse my language). A larger FoV does make you feel like you move faster, and I understand the movement is currently a little less than a Man at Arms speed. But please implement sprint, no matter what needs to be done. If you need to slow down the normal walking speed to implement sprint, then do it.

    • Use the same parry system as CMW. Being able to hold parry for any amount of time removes a large amount of skill involved in the game. As it stands there are multiple projectiles in the game that all travel at different speeds. Being able to press and hold down parry as soon as you see the projectile animation from your enemy and being able to block it with no problem is not a good mechanic. You should be rewarded by parrying at the correct time, not just by being able to hold down a button. The current parry system feels like it is catering to low skill players. One thing that made CMW so great and made so many people play it for hundreds and thousands of hours was that it rewarded skilled players and had a high skill ceiling. This leads me into my conclusion on the current state of the game.


    • The game in its current state seems like it is made for low skill players. These are the types of players that will buy the game, play it for 5 or 10 hours then never touch it again. The combat , while it can be fun, is not rewarding and there is no skill ceiling. The melee combat is even worse than deadliest warrior, which is worse than CMW. When I mentioned earlier that this game has huge potential, I was thinking of a game that had the art, classes, and abilities of Mirage : Arcane Warfare, with the robust melee combat mechanics of Chivalry Medieval Warfare. Honestly if the game was just CMW with the classes/abilities and art of M:AW, I think soooooo many people would instantly fall in love with the game and be hooked for hundreds/thousands of hours. But as previously mentioned I cannot see this game having a lasting community of enthusiastic people like CMW. If the game continues in development in its current direction I have a strong feeling it will flop.

    Anyone reading this please feel free to comment to discuss what you think about my ideas and this post.

  • Developer

    Some great feedback, apologize we didn’t get back to you earlier. We did take this into account at the time and have now added the sprint mechanic, a parry to the Vypress and removed held blocking as we agreed with you on the state of the game at that time.

    In the game’s current state, are there additional mechanics or elements that are preventing a high skill ceiling? Appreciate your enthusiasm for the game!

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