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  • Hi,

    First off, I want to sincerely thank Reithur for giving me the opportunity to test this wonderful game early into it’s development. So far, the games optimization has been superb, and it hasn’t even crashed for me once. However, tossing all the fun aside, I believe it’s time I express what issues need to be resolved and what can be fixed.

    Let’s start off with changes that need to be made to the game. TBS wants this game to be a skill-based game, a lot of competitiveness revolving around it, but with it’s current play-style, that is not possible. It feels way to casual as of right now, and what I believe makes it feel that way is not having to worry about any sort of stamina related issue, along with being able to keep your parry up 24/7. I understand that there are sever consequences to keeping your parry up all the time and taking hits, but that defeats the purpose of drags as a whole and feinting. There is also no way to counter someone who is keeping their block up all the time, that’s why I believe something similar to kick should be added. As goes for the no stamina issue, I’m not sure why it’s like that. You can keep flailing around, even comboing more than three times with the same attack, excluding stabs of course. Also, feinting to parry in this game is very possible, however, it is extremely slow and needs to be the same speed as it is in Chiv. Concisely said, I know that TB is approaching Mirage with a slightly different mechanic, but most of the stuff from Chiv should really carry over.

    Another minor issue I have encountered since there is no stamina implemented into the game, is free extra back-pedaling speed. I don’t believe this was intended, as the lunge happens when you walk forward and your weapon enters release phase, just like it was in Chiv. However, if you back-pedal, start an attack, then feint it, you get a boost in speed. I would understand if it seems somewhat hard to understand, but I can not upload a video of the issue due to the NDA.

    Sprinting really needs to be added to this game. I’m not sure why it was removed in the first place, but the general walking speed needs to be reduced in-order to have sprint implemented. If sprint were to be added, then the ‘shift’ key is to be used, meaning alternative attacks need to be moved back to the ‘alt’ key. Regardless, I believe the alternative attack should be the ‘alt’ key. Also, every class needs to be able to parry for balancing reasons. Being unable to 1v1 someone because you’re class doesn’t have the ability to parry is outright asinine, regardless of having teleport abilities.

    Let’s move onto the being able to execute a 1v2. As of right now, it’s -extremely- hard, if not near impossible to do a 1v2 in this game. The first steps you can take to fixing this issue is getting rid of the ability to keep your parry up all the time, being able to feint to parry just as fast as chivalry, and a sprint feature. I don’t even think you can actually ripost, it just seems like it but you really aren’t. Right now, all you can do is just sit there with your parry up until you get stammed out.

    You should be able to flinch all spells in-this game. You probably can, but it needs to be super super early, and it shouldn’t be like that. Why I say that is, whenever you’re casting a spell, you’re going to cast it from a fair distance, meaning it’s nearly impossible to quickly flinch said person who is casting a spell. Good example is the Taurant and his huge ass ball he throws. Being able to flinch spells before they go into release phase makes the game more skill-based.


    His spells right now are pretty good, but in-order to make them more balanced, you need to be able to flinch all spells, even whirlwind and charge.

    The Alchemancer needs to have a mana system in-order for it to be balanced. Think of the Alchemenacer in a team fight, he can just sit in the back and spam his basic attack which is the fireballs. There is no con to do so, and it’s unfair. It’s basically an archer that has unlimited arrows and can shoot very rapidly.

    The levitate cooldown time seems okay right now, but the levitation time it self needs to be three seconds, not about six to seven.

    I don’t even think this ability works right now, or I just don’t even know how to use it lol.

    The Vypress needs to be able to parry as I stated in the above statements. Once parry has been added to her, just get rid of the quick dodges she has, or bind that to another button and put a cooldown to it.

    Dash Attack
    This spell right now can easily be abused. Press q to cast it, then spam right click. This will cause your character to infinitely levitate, and the spell itself does not go on cooldown.

    Dash Kick
    The same exploit from Dash Attack can be used here. Cast the spell, spam RMB, infinite slides.

    The Vigilist is a pretty balanced class in my opinion. People may think it’s a bit overpowered since it has a shield and has the reach, but just like in Chiv, it can be a pain in the ass to deal with them, but it’s not impossible. This should be the ONLY class that can keep up their parry 24/7 since it uses a shield.

    Great ability, not much to be said about it other than the cooldown timer. It should be increased by a second if not two.

    Balanced spell when it comes to it’s statistics, but it’s broken as of right now. I’m sure that Reither is aware, but there is no cooldown on the spell. If a cooldown were to be placed, it should be -ATLEAST- 6 seconds.

    Iron Dome
    This spell cooldown needs to be increased. As of now, once you place down your bubble, it’ll last for about twnety seconds. By the time the bubble depletes, leaving your team vulnerable to projectiles, you can cast the spell once more. I suggest making the bubble timer ten seconds before it depletes, and the cooldown 25 seconds. The cooldown timer will start as soon as the spell is casted.

    All around great class, not much to be said about it. I haven’t personally seen any issues with it other than the spells it has. HP, speed, and weapon is balanced though.

    Grappling Hook
    Oh boy, don’t even get me started on this ability. Right now, it is extremely broken. Once you grab someone in, they are unable to do something for at least three seconds. This really needs to be changed, and these are the steps I believe should be taken. As soon as you grab someone in and hit them with one attack, their incapacitated condition is disabled, meaning they are able to freely move around and perform all actions.

    Distortion Field
    Honestly don’t even know what this does. Doesn’t even have a description.

    Not really sure what to say about this class, as I probably have less that twenty minutes on it. He feels really clunky the times I’ve played him, and feels underpowered when using his base attacks. I could be wrong though, probably not using him right.

    Healing Beam
    As of now, the description of this spell says you can heal foes if you really wanted to, but that doesn’t work. The cooldown on it also doesn’t matter. The spell will clearly show that it’s under cooldown, but you can just tap Q again and cast the spell. The animation to the green beam the comes out is also super laggy when aiming around.

    UNKNOWN Second ‘Q’ Ability
    This spell does not have a name or even a description. However, after messing around with it for a few minutes, simply looks like a spell you can guide by aiming to a location and pressing shift. It also has no cooldown timer.

    Drop Bomb
    Not sure if this is a one time thing, but once you cast the spell you can’t cast it again. Text is also stuck on your screen that says “Press Left Shift to Activate Drop Bomb”.

    And we’re finally done. I’m sure I’m forgetting some stuff, and I’ll probably add onto it at a later date. I really hope this helps you guys make the game even better!


  • This post is deleted!

  • Developer

    Appreciate the post Joe!

    As mentioned in chat, lots of the abilities feeback is know bugs or stuff that’s been cut/polished away.
    As for the melee feedback, we’re playing with active parry’s to reward players who block like in chiv and working on a bunch of other stuff around movement speed, and what not. We’re making the game with lots of knobs for designers (Ras) to turn so fine tune how fast things recharge, move, etc… with relative ease.

    Expect changes to come!

  • I agree with Joe here on many points, please make the parrying and melee combat more akin to Chivlary Medieval Warfare.

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