Configuring Linux Server?

  • So I was successfully able to run and connect to my server following the Linux guide here on the forums without using wine. I am currently at a loss of how to actually configure the server as changing anything in the config directory, like how you configure a server on Windows, has no effect on the server. For instance, attempting to change the name of the server from “Dev Testing Server” in PCServer-UDKGame.ini to something else results in no effect

    Running grep -R “Dev Testing Server” steam results only in the PCSERVER -UDKgame.ini file showing up so I have no idea where else the server can be getting those default values from.

    Any advice?

  • Developer

    @Natuli Sorry I’ve been neglecting the forums because of GDC, then the GDC plague. I’ll see about playing around with this later, but it seems odd that it wouldn’t be pulling in changes.

    An idea of questionable worth: have you tried also changing the QueryPort, or just waiting? Steam’s master server doesn’t always like to pick up server name changes.

  • No worries! I was actually browsing the main post for the Linux server here and found the answer from a post about a year ago Apparently, the only way to customize the server is to copy the entire Config directory and move it into the main config directory, make your changes in the copied directory, and then rename the copied directory to something unique. Then just add “-configsubdir=yourcustomconfigname” making sure to update the flag every time there are changes.

    So far it has worked so I’m happy. It seems like it is caching the configs in my “~/.local/share/TornBanner/Chivalry/UDKGame/Config” directory. I only have one customconfig folder that I renamed about 7 times but in the .local folder I have all 7 config folders from each time I renamed them. I am running Ubuntu 15.10 64 by the way.

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