Team and Server Sizes class and ping limits

  • I am curious about the types of server sizes, team sizes and class limits on servers:
    Just out of curiosity plus in a comp leagues will it be team limited to six players.
    Lastly ping limits for regions: As its Two extra classes does that mean the server
    sizes increase on the big servers to enable 4 players for each class , all interesting stuff tbh.

  • As for Mirage: Arcane Warfare , I’d like to know how long being able to setup a server and its types of front end
    plus if it will be an option on the game release, will a beta server setup exist for potential private new server hosters?
    It was one of the only things that put me off in Chivalry , how complex it was to actually setup or rent a server
    without having to reset it 3 times a day, unexpected crashes or how complicated it was to get them to work

  • The Moorland Skirmishers West Coast has and will have (for Mirage) a 220 ping limit. MW is a 42 slot server - mirage will be a 17 at first to see if it’s possible.

  • @BaronvonMoorland but 17 is an odd number.

  • @Its-Just-Milk Exactly. I’m not one of those who feel every battle has to be even. It’s silly especially in a game like Chivalry.
    I prefer to force an odd.

  • In team fortress when you make a server you can choose how many of each class is allowed on the server. So in chivalry you could have (God forbid) a MAA only server by setting Vanguards, Knights, and archers to zero as a host privilege. I really like that feature in my opinion. Maybe that could be a mirage update.

  • @General-Firefly You can already set class limits in Chivalry; that’s how we set our officials to 3 or 4 (varies by player count on the server).

    I’ve seen a private server that only had Vanguard and Knights enabled, Archer and MAA were set to limit of 0.

  • @Reithur
    Are you serious!? I had no idea laugh. Slowly but surely I’ll be playing PC Chivalry/Mirage with you folks. Sometimes the console version just feels like a glorified demo. Kinda like orangebox but better.

    I’m really impressed to know that feature exists in chivalry already.

  • @BaronvonMoorland people like fair fights because they’re more interesting. you don’t know who’s going to win before the match even starts that way. forcing one side to have an extra player is just objectively unfair, and since that last player will always get to choose which side he joins, he will never be on the weaker team.

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