The truth about console vote kick

  • I’m very aware there’s a similar thread about this topic. But It’s more important we address why vote kick shouldn’t be put on console games in the first place

    Vote kicking is a common tool used in many PC games. But there’s a reason you don’t see votekick in console games. Console players think differently than PC players do. You could say console players are more immature; I’d agree. PC players are ‘generally’ more level headed, older, and mature. When you give a stereotypical PC player the power to vote kick, they’ll respect that power. That’s why you see so many PC games with a votekick option. If people on PC were seen constantly abusing the vote kick then logically vote kick would be removed after a while.

    Now… Lets look at the ‘modern’ console player. They’re childish, they’re rude, they’re spoiled, and they’re disrespectful. They’re not like us experienced level headed console players who can remember the days of classic halo and modern warfare. We would never kick people back then, even if we could.
    There’s a REASON why vote kick is never put in console games today. These ‘modern’ players don’t deserve that power. I’m sure it’s clear why they shouldn’t be given that power. They’re immature and make every game they play toxic.

    Vote kick is a good tool used to make lobbies better by removing high ping players and trolls. But only PC people really understand how to use this feature. Console players (not everyone) don’t really understand why vote kick is in the game. They don’t understand that it’s a tool and not a weapon.

    Remove votekick from console games. Console doesn’t deserve that feature.

  • @General-Firefly

    There are plenty of votekick abusers on PC aswell. The only difference is that there are no active console admins (Is that right?).

    Also, I think the console version has a different publisher, and they’re the ones that are mainly responsible for any further patches and fixes.

    That being said, it definately sounds like a good idea to only allow votekicking if certain criteria are met:
    i.e ~250 Ping (debatable)
    50+ % team damage.

    Something along those lines.

  • Just now, almost got vote kicked with 0% Team damage and 30 kills with only 7 deaths in a TO. Just shows how people operate

  • @SgtHannes You have made a very solid point. This issue needs to be brought straight to Activision. TB isn’t to blame here, I understand.
    However, it’s clear this feature is overused and needs to be removed. Or at the very least operated like how valve operates thier votekick system; time limits and abuse regulators.

  • @General-Firefly

    Yeah, I feel that PC games and their communities are a bit better at connecting people. I played a bit of 360/Ps3 back in the day and always felt disconnected when there was an issue. Who can I contact? Even writing with other players can be a chore on console (unless you have a keyboard).

    Am I remembering wrong or have you played Chiv on PC aswell? The difference between the PC and Console mentality exsists, but its certainly not as large as one might think. PC players can be immature, and so can console players.

    That sounds pretty bad.

  • Banned

    We will never get the glory days of Xbox with halo 1-3 back sadly @General-Firefly I feel sorry for the kids nowadays who think the new cods are the best games in the world it’s almost a crime.

  • PC version you can only vote once per match, Console version you can vote once per second (or so it seems).

    Few of the votes on PC pass unless it is warranted.

    I emailed TBS a few months ago about this “issue” which is a console killer, but they would have to persuade or pay their partner for the update.

    But if that was the one update, I’m sure it would be worth it, I consider it game breaking (not that I would go back to console).

  • Banned

    I’ve met 3 people in my experience on PS4 alone who only got Chiv on the console because they have it on pc and were banned, they just tk people over and over until they get kicked, then just rejoin and continue the cycle for an hour. Luckily they get bored plus they are never really all that good and most people can kill them when they team up so its not a big problem.

    This wouldn’t be a patch worthy problem anyways if the console communities would just work together and construct a ban list for players who only play to grief. Too many people have uneducated opinions on what is worth banning for though and no thought is ever put into it. :/

  • Got booted from both Team Objective and Team Deathmatch the other day. That sucked…those are pretty much the only games I play. Guess I could have hosted…

  • Lets be honest , in this day and age we have team damage in the pc version , so I’d assume the consoles have it also.
    My point being its not hard for TB or Activision or both to simply add a new argument to a log file of record of how many
    vote kicks a player calls out. Off course a certain number could simply relay a message back to a person callvoting
    you have reached the allowed number of callvote kicks for this month so for at least the next 10 games this is disabled to you.

    After all if some servers only allow you callvote per game then its simply an extension of that code etc.
    a file with a counter, if you exceed it then a callvote limiting or ban until is within the set allowed numbers etc.

  • @General-Firefly While I agree to a certain extent, vote kick is apart of the game. Nothing will change.

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