Patch notes - 2016-03-24

  • Developer

    Hi folks,

    Quite a few changes since the last build. Hopefully for the better in most cases!

    Changes since the last build:


    Timed parries was supposed to be in this build and block strength was changed to not really be a factor with it, it somehow didn’t make it into the build but the block strength change did meaning parrying is actually worse then before in this build.

    Next build (next week) will be more representative of things we’re trying based on your feedback so far and should be in a better state then this one.


    • lots of misc tweaks outside of this
    • Most projectile abilities can be dragged for a brief time after activation
    • R now self heals when held
    • Interrupt cleanup
    • Increased second wind speed
    • Increased movement speed
    • Increased air control
    • Increased block strength recovery time
    • Feints are now possible
    • Windup - cancel - parry flow is now quicker
    • Reduced opacity on blood effects
    • Reduced the animation cancel window for non-melee abilities in interrupt states to the last 25% from 50%
    • Reduced melee lunge distance
    • Added thwack and worldhit sounds
    • Disabled location based damage on abilities where it doesn’t make sense to use it.
    • Adjusted melee damage done by all classes
    • Adjusted all melee swing times


    • Float ability duration has been increased
    • Removed explosion at the end of teleport, and increased its range


    • Leapslam is now a single activation ability (no after touch)


    • Drop bomb ability is more accurate
    • Reworked distortion field, instant activation around the initiator, pushes projectiles in a larger area away on spawn, moved to Entropists F slot from tinker
    • When the entropist is in his alt stance M1 fires projectiles instead of melee
    • Entropist M1 is now a regular slash
    • SpawnWall now acts as a held shield while placing it


    • Slightly reduced windup times
    • Grapple hook stagger time reduced


    • Death explosion moved to Vyp E slot (can be applied through dash attack)
    • Now parries when dodging


    • Reduced health


    • Added block strenght indicator in bottom right corner
    • Changed block strength indication in center of view
    • After touch indication moved to center of screen
    • Added timers to cool down
    • animated flare around ability readiness
    • Bunch of tweaks and corrections to class selection screen
    • Correction and clarification on some objective messaging and ability descriptions


    • Sunkencity rework, reduced size and added a teleport tower
    • DM_wasterland now set at night
    • TO-Market_P a ton of asset work
    • TO-Market_P changed finishing point of pushable
    • LTS_city now rotates attack/defend between rounds

    Bug Fixes

    • Some text corrections
    • LTS rounds now end after attacking team kills all defenders
    • TO-Ravine_P now ends if defenders win stage 1
    • Switching from 1st to 3rd person no longer kills ability effects
    • Customization now respawns you (suicide) to properly load customized items
    • Vypress dash attack/kick no longer lets you fly
    • Capture points now properly deactivate after completing stage 1
    • Taurant charge no longer pushes enemies through walls
    • Attempting a second dodge no longer puts vypress into turbo mode
    • Tinker no longer enters T-pose when holding mine plant
    • A bunch of crashes
    • A bunch of things to do with the changes
    • Fixed cooldown for tsunami

    Known Bugs

    • Black screen on loading
    • Audio doesn’t attenuate on some abilities
    • Failed vaults can sometimes result in the inability to jump
    • Pawn geo can stretch when exploding heads and torsos
    • Tinker mine sometimes ques multiple mines
    • Animation issues around fainting attacks
    • Match time is not visible on most maps
    • Vypress extended melee ability also activates death explosion
    • Taurant Boulder sometimes doesnt disintegrate
    • queueing bug when placing tinker mines
    • queue bug when activating entropists Held Shield ability causing an instant placement

  • Nice job guys!

  • Nice work! Looking forward for more testing.

  • Mod

    Nice work guys. Just wondering what happened to some of Tinkers moves. They seem to have vanished. The move where she puts the ball on the floor which then can aim targeted shots at people for example.

  • @Tyoson Both that and the gravity ball seemed fine to me, neither had any bugs that I found so far. The same with the halo stab.

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