UDK.exe Error on Launch

  • It seems like this is a reasonably common error, but the normal fixes aren’t working for me.
    I’ve played the game since the start of the beta, pretty successfully. Yesterday, I could look through servers but was not able to join any of them. Now, I am getting a UDK.exe has Stopped Responding error with a black screen after the windowed splash.


    If it makes any difference I am using Steam Beta, and have Chivalry installed to a Steam Library on my SSD (separate from my normal library).

    Now like I said, the go-to fixes haven’t worked for me. I have done a full re-install of the game, verified game cache integrity (multiple times), used the new MasterServer2.vdf file, deleted my Chivalry user folder (multiple times), etc. and the issue remains. Also, for some reason the redistributables run sometimes upon opening the game.

  • Developer

    Can you post a log file from when this happened? They’re in:

    \Users\…\Documents\My Games\Chivalry Medieval Warfare\UDKGame\Logs

  • http://pastebin.com/NM41gKY2
    Very interesting, it just cuts off in the middle of printing a folder name!

  • Developer

    I should have also asked you to post a .dmp file if there are any in that folder. It should be small enough to attach directly to a post in this forum.

    To get the log to not cut off, start the game with -forcelogflush in the command line (In Steam, right click the game in the Library, click Properties, and add that in the window that comes up). Then, try running the game again. The more complete log file will hopefully be more useful. Remember to remove that command after, since it’s detrimental to performance.

  • Done.

  • Developer

    The dump is showing a crash inside


    Can you try starting the game without Teamspeak 3 open (edit: or with the overlay disabled)? It appears that its overlay is crashing the game when it tries to hook in. You may want to bring this up on TS3’s forum (I might, if I can reproduce it myself).

    (I’ve emailed TS3 Overlay’s creator, I’ll see if I get a response)

  • I’ll see if that works, thanks.

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