So amazing, just a few problems

  • Let me start by saying that this game is what we need. Games like COD and Battlefield (sooooo…shooter games) are riddled with all kinds of noob players such as campers, quickscopers (not really a noob thing, but still a fairly shitty OP thing), and all kinds of other people that I’m sure you can relate to. But this game, for the most part, requires skill. And I like that. I like it a lot. But even on this game, just like any other, there are still problems that make it easy for noobs to simply dominate, and that’s what I’m really here to talk about.

    My list of grievances:

    The Vanguard class is far overpowered. They have almost as much health as a knight and about as much speed as a man at arms. That would be fine, except for one thing-Polearms. The polearm is what pits the icing on the cake for vaguards, but we can fix that, and still keep polearms around. The problem is in swinging a polearm. It should, and it does, deal massive damage in a thrust, but being hit with the side of a polearm is the same as being hit with a smooth stick, which should do little to no damage. This needs to be fixed. (the halberd of course would deal massive damage in a swing, but still only at the head)

    Swing animation. The fight mechanics in Chivalry are amazing, but its a total load of bull if I’m halfway through a swing, get hit, and then just reset to the ready position. That animation (glitch, ill call it) NEEDS to he fixed. No. 1 priority

    vote to boot. I know this has been mentioned a hundred times, so I’m not gonna go into details, just know that there is yet another person saying it needs to end

    Anyway, this game has amazing potential, please, please, PLEASE, fix these very very few problems with it. PLEASE

  • I agree with what you said. They aren’t gonna fix anything though, the game has been broken on PC for years. All we can do is wait for Mordhau to drop.

  • Banned

    Don’t waste your time

  • Vanguard is hardly OP on console. A few strategies are great and work really well but can be stopped. Vangaurds are 2 hits with most knight weapons and can be hit traded to death fairly easily if the knight knows their weapon well enough.

    Also your sword stopping “mid animation” is called a flinch. This happens when u get hit in the windup phase of your attack. This is important this stays in the game or else it would be an even more hit trading swing in fest than it already is and the game would lack variety. Plus weapons like the maul and messer would be unstoppable.

  • And tbh I’m the exact opposite on this issue.

    Yes it does make 0 sense that your weapon gets reset back to the start position but trust me if that wasn’t there the game wouldn’t be as skill based as it already is. Instead of having to stop, recover and parry an enemies attack who has hit you once and is going for the combo you’d be able to just swing and get lucky because your weapon does more damage. This balances the game for faster but weaker weapons and makes it so you have to play defence every once in a while.

    And also you aren’t halfway through your swing. You were in your windup… If you aren’t then it was lag and on your enemies screen you were still in the windup

  • @witchking What AK said vanguards can easily be disposed of if you use the right strategy. That interrupted attack animation is no glitch, that is the flinch mechanic that prevents, give or take, about 50% of hittrades.