Over-telegraphing Abilities with Taurant and Vigilist

  • Hey!

    I’d like to discuss with you balance issues regarding the telegraphing of most of the Taurant’s and Vigilist’s abilities.
    Most of their abilities are so overly telegraphed that you almost can’t make use of them in any way against certain classes.

    Take a look at Tinker for example. Tinker has the pull ability that allows you to pull enemies into dangers, especially their own planted mines. The pull ability has around half a second (maybe slightly less?) of telegraphing, giving you a slight chance to evade the rope. Its effectiveness is so high that a successful pull can even mean certain death when an enemy has full health.

    On the other hand, you’ve got the Taurant, which has skills like the leap attack, which has almost 3 seconds of telegraphing before it actually attacks and deals on average half of your opponent’s HP in damage. The main advantage to those abilities is the high block strength damage, but with the current game’s pacing, it’s really hard to make a good use of block strength damage in general.

    In reality, it’s exceedingly easy to literally avoid most of the Taurant’s and Vigilist’s abilities, whereas the other classes have plenty of abilities that are much harder to avoid in comparison. The abilities’ results do not make up for their success rate.

    Testing these balance issues, we (Xylv and I) found that, specifically, a Vigilist cannot fight against a Vypress or a Tinker well at all, and is utterly surpressed by the class. Generally, Vypress and Tinker have such an advantage in speed over the Taurant and Vigilist, that it’s excruciatingly difficult to try to overcome the odds.

    Vypress is the bane of the Vigilist,
    Tinker is the bane of the Taurant.

    In conclusion, the amount of telegraphing for slow yet powerful attacks should basically be reduced, in terms of both speed and animation. At least, that is my opinion.

  • To add onto what Gremp said about the grappling hook. It would be neat with perhaps some more visible particle effects as it’s about to be casted, as of right now it’s really hard to see the tiny crossbow on an enemy that’s slightly futher away.

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