GreatSword Clipping

  • I’m sure this has been posted, but didn’t catch it in my scanning of the sticky threads. When I use the 2 handed sword, or Scottish sword (guessing this would apply with the last sword as well.), I can see through the top of my own shoulders/arms. Also, when reaching full speed/sprint with either sword, the top of the sword disappears. Neither of my friends have complained of this issue, and both use 2 hand swords mainly.

  • It’s probably your resolution. They have a few bugs on different resolutions, if you lower it, for example, it keeps the chat box, the kills/deaths, the text, and health and stamina the same size, resulting in some of it being cut off.

  • Resolution only effects text the UI as far as I know. Can you post a screenshot of what you’re trying to describe?

  • Sure, here are some screens (Vanguard class, though still happens for Knight.)
    Added them as attatchments, since they are fullscreen.

  • Its your FOV. I have same problems with the knight. Reduce FOV and see the difference. I unfortunately like my FOV huge, so I just deal with it.

    EDIT: FOV = Field of View

  • I had a feeling about that, but really didn’t think it was that. But I will try. Thanks for the help! :D

  • Yeah, the game was designed for 95 field of view, but players wanted it to go higher, so it was increased to 120 max. This also makes shields even stronger than they are because they dont block nearly as much of your screen - however you could achieve the same thing in third person anyway.

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