Voice Command Synchronization

  • Hey again.

    This is something I (and many others, at least literally all of my friends) always wanted in chivalry.
    Sometimes the voice command in chivalry fit a certain situation so well, it creates a moment so memorable you’ll cherish it for years to come.
    During such moments you can only be ever so disappointed to discover that your friend heard a completely different command, that wasn’t very fitting to the situation.

    In order to prevent such moments, I’d love to have the voice commands synchronized between clients.
    Correct me if I’m wrong, but from my perspective I think it can be fairly untaxing to add this feature. The client initiating the voice command sends a command packet to the server saying it initiated voice command X, right? If it could send that it initiated voice command X, variation Z, it’d allow the clients on the receiving ends to play the correct variations for the voice command.

    It doesn’t sound like something that would harm performance.
    So is there a chance for this feature to be added to the final game?

    Please? :(

  • This is actually far more important than might be thought. I’ve had this ruin thousands of hillarious moments.

  • Yes, this really needs to exist. Everyone needs to hear the same voice line, it adds to the hilarity of the situation to be able to share those moments.

  • I think we can all agree on this one.

  • Definitely agree! Very much wanted this in Chivalry.

  • Developer

    This has always been another big pet peeve of mine in Chivalry.
    It’s been on the todo list for VO since day one but since it’s pretty polishy we won’t get to it for a while, definitely happening at some point though!

  • Definitely happening at some point though

    My life is complete.

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