Mirage Balance

  • So given the 6 classes, how will balance work

    Alchemancer: Has no melee and can’t block, but has more powerful spells like the ability to throw a shield spell or cast a big blast.
    Vypress: An assassin that can deliver devastating backstabs and can phase through attacks or turn invisible.
    Taurant: A melee-centric class that can dominate in close combat with a grand mace. He can also create a controllable bounder that can flatten enemies.
    Tinker: Defensive trap class that can lay magic mines.
    Vigilist: A support class that can summon a bird attack and launch a ground slam. Also the only class with a shield.
    Entropist: A balanced class with a magic carpet and a mix of offensive and defensive spells.

    Will their be class limits?

    In CMW the 4 classes are fairly balanced, you could have 6 vanguards vs 6 knights or 6 MAA vs 6 vanguards and it would still be relatively fair, assuming the players are of equal skills in each class (a poor MAA or poor Archer will do worse than a poor knight).

    Hopefully with your testing you will try things like 6 Alchemancers v’s 6 Taurant. The word “support class” seems a little scary - does that mean than 3 Tinkers and 3 Vigilists have no chance against 3 Alchem and 3 Taurant?

    I think in general as long as each class is able to hold their ground against another in 1v1 (in the TO setting) then in general the balance will work out.

  • Developer

    These descriptions give a very narrow insight into the capabilities of each class, the full extent of this is still being worked on a lot and we’re still making big changes to each class and the gameplay mechanics in general to balance the classes out and raising the skill ceiling.

    So basically it’s too early to talk about the specifics of balance as we’re still making big changes to the playstyle of each class, the most difficult balance related thing is actually keep a consistent skill ceiling. Getting the same range out of ranged class as a melee one is very challenging.
    Mirage does have a bigger focus on teamwork but it’s still much like Chivalry in that a single player can really hold their own if they play their cards right.

    We will be implementing class limits but we won’t be using it until we’ve tested all the crazy setups, we don’t actually know if it’s needed yet.

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