Special Class

  • I’m aware that there is already things like Kings for certain maps or objectives but i feel there should be something more. Kind of like a Juggernaut game play mode. Like allowing the archer a faster draw time and stronger secondary. Longer reached weapons for the vanegaurd, Man-at-arms bigger shield and the knight with more power and stronger chance to get through blocks of other players.

    (I’m OK with people disagreeing with me just dont cuss me out its just a waste of time for you and me)

  • I’d vote for giving the King a unique poweful weapon that only he can wield, so that an archer won’t suddenly become a King with weak weapons for example. Give him some abilities too like, sneaky, dodge, charge and tank xD. I’d imagine he would be a bitch to fight off then!

  • That or you could just make an unreal gameplay mode where everyone is overpowered :P

    I like wolfys idea on buffing the king though.

  • see this is what the forums is for. people make ideas and people improve them :D

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