Extended Melee "Issues"

  • Today Gremp and I decided to do some same class vs same class testing and when we got to the vypress we noticed some problems.
    First off, the slash and stab projectiles are far too fast to parry, that may be because the parry itself is kinda slow and clunky as of right now, but at mid-semilong range the projectiles were still too fast to parry in time, probably because the telegraphing is barely existant.
    The overhead on the other hand was parryable even at mid range, however as you parried it, it depleted your full block power (45) and dealt 2 damage to you; it seemed to be a bit over the top.

    After having used the, you need to press E again to activate the “Death Explosion” ability from the previous build and either hit an enemy or wait for that ability to deactivate before the cooldown for extended melee starts, not sure if this is a bug or intended in some way or another?

  • Developer

    Death Explosion accidently got bundled with the extended melee, it’s actually its own ability.

    Death Explosion:
    Adds an effect to you that applies to the next target you hit with melee
    When applied to an enemy it deals damage over time and when/if they die it causes a massive explosion of gore around them dealing huge damage to anyone near them, excellent tool for triple kills.

    As for the extended melee feedback I’ll look into the projectile speeds, we’ll probably have to make sure it has better indication in windup as well.

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