Development Update: The Road to PAX East

  • Developer

    Hi everyone!

    A little bit of a dev update for you guys, what we’re going to be focusing our energy on over the next few weeks, and how you can help us the most.

    Our next Development Milestone will be producing a build to take with us to PAX East, where the general public and press will get their hands on the game for the first time!

    We know we can’t get the whole game to the quality needed for this showing so we’ll be paring down the build and our focus over the next three weeks.

    Thanks again for your help, we really appreciate it!

    PAX Build Details

    • Auto-joins LAN on boot, bypassing the main menu and match joining flow
    • 3 maps, ~ 10 minutes of play time each
      • TO - Gov Stage 1
      • TO - Gov Stage 2
      • TO - Ravine Stage 1
    • 5 classes, 3 abilities each
      • Taurant - Boulder Toss, Whirlwind, Leapslam
      • Alchemancer - Draggable Projectile, Big Blast, Teleport
      • Vigilist - Ward Strike, Disperse, Iron Dome
      • Vypress - Dash Attack, Shuriken, Phase
      • Tinker - Grapplehook, Mine, Halostab
    • All other classes and abilities will be grayed out and not selectable
    • Added control scheme screen
    • Welcome/Thanks for Playing screen flows
    • There will be no class customization

    Planned dev work

    The plan is to focus on finishing up the tasks below over the next two weeks (by April 8th). This leaves us with a week and a bit to fix any lingering bugs and test out the Final PAX build in playtests before we go to the show on the 20th.

    • Gameplay tweaks to PAX classes and abilities
    • Cleanup feinting, parries, comboing
    • Art/collision pass on TO-Gov/TO-Ravine maps
    • FX pass on PAX abilities
    • Network and client performance
    • UI cleanup for class selection screens, kill feed, HUD and objective messaging
    • LAN auto-join flow
    • UI to support Welcome/Thanks and controls
    • Battle cries for all PAX classes
    • VO for all PAX classes (cloning what is still missing)
    • Camera animations
    • Cleanup animations for PAX classes and abilities
    • A nice “Alpha” watermark
    • Bug fixing!

    How you can help us the most

    We’ve seen lots of great feedback and bugs coming in from the group. Keep it up, it’s a really great start!
    Below are the things we want to hear about from you the most right now:

    • Bugs/feedback on melee combat, combos, interrupts, parries, feints
    • Bugs/feedback on the PAX abilities, focus on failed casting, interrupts, canceling, cool downs
    • Bugs/feedback on HUD markers, in-match UI, objective messaging
    • Animation bugs with the PAX classes
    • Collision bugs in the main play areas of TO-GOV, TO-Ravine
    • Any bugs around spawning, death, spectator camera
    • Functionality bugs with the leaderboard or team/class select screens
    • Any weird behavior resulting from pressing random things on the keyboard/mouse (non-console commands)

  • Sounds good! Is there a planned date when we will get the actual PAX East WIP build in the alpha branch for specific testing when the appropriate things have been removed/added?

  • Developer

    Great question. We’ll be getting you a new build pretty soon to see what you think about some additional gameplay tweaks. Then the first PAX shaped build around the 11th, for playtesting that week (will be its own steam branch).

    We’ll be updating the PAX build with each new iteration as we fix bugs/add in any late features.

  • @Killer-Crabs I expect a lot of cow puns for the Taurants voice commands.

    “Déjà moo: When you known you’ve experienced this bullshit before”

  • Developer

    Updated PAX Build - 50384

    Hi Folks,

    The PAX build is pretty much done, unless any critical issues pop up.
    We’ve temporarily taken down the “alpha-testing” server and put up one for the PAX build.

    We did an internal test with 12 people rotating through maps for two hours without discovering any new critical bugs.
    At this point we’re looking for any major bugs that might be lurking in the code. Anything that the game does not recover from by it’s self or that significantly detracts from the perceived quality of the game.

    How to get the build:
    We’re using the default Steam branch for to distinguish this version of the game for the time being. you’ll need to go into latte properties and “opt out of all beta programs”, this will put you back into the default state for latte.

    1. right click on latte select properties
    2. click on the Betas tab
    3. from the drop down, select the top option “NONE - Opt out of all beta programs”

    Changes since last build:

    • all test maps have been removed, only TO and PAX maps remain
      • TO-Gov_Garden_p, TO-Gov_Palace_p, TO-Ravine_Top_p, TO-Gov_p, TO-Ravine_p, TO-Market_p
    • PAX loading screen has been added
    • PAX “Thanks for playing” has been added to end of match
    • map list now runs in a sequential order instead of random
    • Map start camera position has been placed in the world
    • Control inputs now lock at end of match
    • Updates to collision to prevent players getting outside of world
    • Alchemancer rate of fire has been reduced
    • PAX map objective completion requirements have been increased (targeting 10 minute play time)
    • Additional VO
    • Audio for objective and match completion
    • Tinker mines now have a 30 second timer
    • performance optimizations
    • minor tuning to animations
    • minor tuning the gameplay
    • lots of map updates to TO-Market_P
      NOTE: Testing has been focused on PAX facing features

    Bug Fixes:

    • black loading screens
    • ability interactions with the iron dome
    • Server and client crashes
    • Halo Stab failing to connect
    • Spelling and description for classes and abilities

    Known Bugs:

    • “X minute remains!” messages are not always grammatically correct
    • Tinker belt attachments flutter
    • in game voice indication sometimes sticks
    • map camera position is sometimes misaligned
    • when joining a match in progress, the spawn walls will visually appear to be in the wrong state

  • @Killer-Crabs said in [Development Update: The Road to PAX East](/topic/23396/development-update-the-road-to-pax-

    We did an internal test with 12 people rotating through maps for two hours without discovering any new critical bugs.

    I’m jealous I would love to test out 6v6 because I’m pretty sure it becomes a very different game.

    Just played an hour or so with Gauntlet, primarily his kicking my butt but I learnt

    • side step using ASD and space - wut I never knew that ! kind of important and very cool feature
    • Some things I just didn’t think to do. I know I can parry magic, weapons, but did I ever think to parry the hook shot or boulder - no, its kind of counter intuitive to me - certainly needs to be in the eventual training.
    • Just seeing some things in action like hook + immediate strike = ouch, by default as a tinker I would be afraid to hook a taurant lol

    I’m starting to see the depth of the game and combat is so much more than I expected, it goes far beyond CMW in terms of what you can learn to not only damage your opponent but also actively counter your opponent. Definitely worth spending the extra time to highlight that depth in marketing and getting a new player up to speed. I think a training map like the CMW one is a lot of work for probably little gain. I think far better would be a simple training map that ensures the player has the basic skills in the keyboard/mouse but then you have an official youtube video which goes into far greater depth.

  • @gregcau Thanks for the ongoing feedback!

    I’ve started putting plans for training together and it definitely involves expanding the existing training map into something more like what is in CMW and CDW, plus some official how-to videos.

    For reference, you can parry + riposte off of everything except for purely movement abilities.

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