What class to play is the veteran Question

  • I am excited by the upcoming new game by TB, my only thought now is what class to play as my regular coffee.
    After playing just Knight in Chivalry since the beginning of time, should I dabble in a mainly melee type of class?
    Go for a complete change ? These are quite challenging questions for a long term player of Chivalry tbh.

    It will be very interesting to see how much better the game is for everyone without those cursed Archers simply
    setting up camp sites with fov toys and camouflaged hiding in maps to snipe you both in legal parts and illegal
    parts of maps being cheap. Lets not forget we have woman player models now so a lot of female pro gamers
    will be coming to add more skills to the mix

  • I think as a knight, the taurant looks the most familiar tbh. Will be fun trying out slick moves and working out what works well and what doesn’t with the knowledge we’ve gained from Chivalry.

  • Very good mr T tbh, I will go with your idea as a fellow knight player. Its all part of the game , that was such a good video mr Tyoson.

  • Just guessing but this is what it looks like so far:
    Taurant is like playing Knight with Maul.
    Vypress is like MaA with Daggers.
    Vigilist is like Spartan from DW.
    Alchemancer is probably a lot like being an Archer, running helplessly without a melee weapon.

    The other two classes I have no idea yet, but I’m sure the game will feel pretty familiar after playing MW and DW for so long.

  • I fully agree mr Oy tbh. TB doesn’t Realise as veterans some of us can spot the same sneaky moves regardless of how
    differently dressed up the salad is ;p
    I still think you know a motif even if very small could be given to players of Chivalry from its day of release who continue
    into Mirage. A loyalty motif or some other nicety .

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