My review for a major Aussie gaming site

  • Hey folks

    Chivalry wasn’t on my radar, but after being disappointed by WotR and seeing that it was only $25, I thought it would be worth checking out. I’m glad I did - read my review on Ausgamers to see why I scored it an incredibly high 9/10: … re/review/

    I also reviewed WotR for an Aussie gaming magazine, which I scored 6/10. While I dig WotR’s swordplay, I think the rest of the package lets it down compared to Chivalry.

  • Developer

    I love you, indie vo is hard to pull off. Thanks for some love there! You were spot on, we all lost our voices, but came back to fight another day! All i know is it beats anythin bethesda has tried to do, ITS KILLING TIME!

  • Sir Loin, my greatest respect to the soundscape you’ve created for this game. I simply can’t imagine how hard it is to get such high quality audio on an indie budget. Did you guys do all the voice in-house, using non-professional staff? If so that’s incredible, as they’re better than most pros at the gig.

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