Same game with magic?! hmm...?

  • So i’m a LVL60- Chivalry: Medieval Warfare player. I love the DRAGS, OVERHEADS, FEINTS, SHIELD STAMIAN SKIPS, MACROS, CRAZY MOVES… so on. These “weird” funny moves makes Chivalry the best arcade game out there.

    If this new game gonna have all these mechanics combine with magic i’m gonna be LVL60-in Mirage too. :D
    If not… i’m not gonna buy it. That simple. :dancer:


  • Well you not a real player of worth relying on such crutches. I often wondered why TB did not also strip rank back to 5 for
    players in the ban appeal threads. I doubt any of your combat rubbish will work in mirage at all generic one.

  • Developer

    Mirage’s combat design uses Chivalry’s melee its foundation. Advanced mechanics like many that you’ve mentioned will be a huge part of Mirage, both in terms of melee and ranged-based magic combat. We try to describe it as a “sword fight from 20 feet away” - and what we mean by that (to Chivalry players) is that everything you love about Chivalry’s combat is being translated to a much wider playing field.

  • @playerhayter thank you for you’re respond! if thats the case, im still with ya bois! :D

    @loin noob! :D

  • said:


    I doubt half your rubbish will in in Mirage regardless what that marketing guy says tbh. If it was so grand as he claims then
    this game would at the very least have a peak player numbers of at least 20k. macro combat sequence scripts plus exploits
    off course won’t be in Mirage, its also likely being a new engine they have stronger detectors and faster bans for such rubbish.

  • Plus lets not forgot 53 hrs on record is mr playerhayter’s Chivalry time. So its doubtful he actually agree’s with all your points
    raised or understands the hints at combat exploits such as macro binded rubbish.

  • @loin :D calm ure tits mate! You need to except these things will be in mirage :D start now! ?D

  • Well, drags will certainly be in at least. With a freeform swing system they’re literally unavoidable, even if they may not be effective.

    Don’t mind Loin. He’s an eccentric character.

  • It was stated that a well executed overhead is still among the most damaging things in the game, even with all the magic. Plus the Vypress has an Archer-like backstab bonus. So I can’t wait to play Taurant, and run around beating the Alchemancer to death. He has no weapons so it’s like hitting a defenseless peasant.

  • It won’t be exactly the same. But a lot of the melee will likely carry over. I do like how in the trailer one side kind of resembles the Garlink text
    The spells look pretty cool. Can’t wait to see how well they fit with the melee. I’ve said it before, but I get a huge Masters Of The Universe vibe, which is great! link text

  • damn bro…troll post to the max.

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