Seemingly Random Ranks on Official FFA Server AUS #2

  • At about 5:30pm, Australian Eastern Standard Time, a number of friends were playing on the Official FFA Server #2 in Australia. I was messaged on Steam by one of said friends saying that on that server your rank had a seemingly random chance of just jumping up or down, mostly up. I came on and noticed that there were players who I had only seen as below rank 60, suddenly anywhere between rank 40-90. I continued to play for a bit and many of the players including myself began ranking up out of nowhere. I went from 23 to 58. On joining other servers, the other players reported having retained the rank they received on the original server.

    I came back onto the server at about 7:10pm AEST and found that my rank was still 58, despite previously being rank 23. I came back noticing that this time there were people rank 90 and above, but not above 100.

    Shot taken at 5:30pm AEST:
    alt text

    Shot taken at 7:10pm AEST:
    alt text

  • I doubt this stuff is genuine at all. It could be a cloned server also exact in name, esp if the other is down at that time.
    These things always come undone tbh. Its even possible that TB’s own server for ranks/stats was offline .
    Who knows a few more ban appeals might be on the horizon tbh.

  • Global Moderator

    I have looked into it, it was a fake server. I am currently talking with the devs and other admins and will be looking at reducing ranks. i understand there are high number so it will take abit of time to get everyone sorted.

    Including the guy who’s rank is -21 lol


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