Is a Server List fix coming?

  • Many people (including me) it seems have tried every solution posted on here to make the server browser usable without having to restart the game two or three times. Is there an official fix coming for this? Why does replacing the MasterServer2 work for some people/not others? Steam Beta Fix didn’t help either. Same with shutting off firewalls and anti-virus.

  • Agreed.

    I also feel like no thought is being put into this with all of the generic responses were getting/no responses at all.

    I just got off so that I could help a friend prepare for a test. 10 minutes later I’m stuck restarting every program on my computer 10 times just so that I can play this….

  • The reason some solutions work for some people is because the problem is on Steam’s end. All of the “solutions” listed are just attempted workarounds the devs have come up with that fix the issue for some people. The only final solution to the problem will be when Steam updates with a fix.

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