Patch notes - 2016-03-31 [WIP]

  • Awesome update, loving it. Keep up the fantastic work guys!

  • Everything sounds great except “no flinch when targets hit behind you”.
    Without playing it I can already see an easy exploit: Taurant wins most hit trades, might as well turn your back and take their strike while winding up your own to deliver an even harder strike back and interrupt your opponent mid-combo. You know how players in Chivalry do reverse overheads? By the time the release window ends you’re facing your opponent again by turning while striking. This would just be delayed reverses with guaranteed hit trades. Without trying to sound elitist here, if you gave the opponent your back, you probably made a huge mistake in the fight and should be punished.

  • Developer

    Fore sure, primarily interested in seeing if this makes any difference for lower skill levels, it’s purely out of interest in seeing the results of it.
    For the pax build interrupt rules won’t be perfect and for a brand new player this would ease some frustration.

    Basically a maybe for the pax build but not beyond that, in the end interrupts should be less confusing for new players and these situations won’t be as frustrating but we’re not quite there yet.

    Will be trying interrupts during certain parts of release at some point as well.

    • Halostab reworked (need to find a better name for this one!)
      • quick jump before dashing forwads
      • on hit perform a backflip while being granted extremely high air control - allows you to move forward into a follow up attack or backwards well out of range of the target

    It does sound quite similar to a Fleche, or “Fleche attack” in Epee.
    alt text

    alt text

  • This update looks extremely promising. Could maybe rename the Halostab to Dawn Dance or something like that. Just an idea.

  • Developer

    Build coming your way!

    Build: 48734

    Changes to Vesros’ above:

    • Alchemancer parry removed
    • Spawn walls are now 1 way collision

    PAX Maps Added:

    • To-gov_Garden_P
    • To-gov_Palace_p
    • To-Ravine_Top_p

    Known bugs:

    • Capture points do not function in To-Ravine, To-Gov
    • Black Loading screens
    • Spawn walls block progress in To-gov_palace_p

    We expect to release a new build with fixed and more PAX stuff tomorrow!

  • Developer

    updated the main post with some new stuff and removed a few things that didn’t make the cut

  • Developer

    BUILD 49008


    • VO added for all classes but Tinker
    • PAX specific map customization
    • Updated pushable
    • Configured spawn walls for all PAX maps
    • Deactivated abilities are now visible and grayed out


    • Frequent crash due to running out of audio memory
    • Capture points not functioning
    • Spawn walls blocking progression in PAX maps
    • Unable to jump after placing a tinker mine
    • Alchemancer big blast wind up particle not visible for caster
    • HUD and GUI not scaling
    • Many map LOD fixes in Gov and Ravine
    • Missing geo in PAX maps when viewed from certain perspectives

    Known Bugs

    • Black loading screen
    • Default textures on one side of spawn protection walls
    • Missing descriptions in some grayed abilities

  • Haven’t played in a couple of days, so may have changed, but I was able to reverse overhead with Vigilist and Taurant - having no flinch when hit from behind is a bit of a concern for that.

  • @Vesros said in Patch notes - 2016-03-31 [WIP]:

    Queueing is such sensitive and everyone plays very differently, I imagine we’ll be continuously tweaking this for a long time. The feedback on it so far has been very useful!

    Regarding queueing, I realize it is work in progress. The big issue I noticed immediately (and only realized what was happen much much later after being on forums and thinking about the design)

    • abilities queue

    I’m not against abilities queueing, but for me it was counter intuitive. The real issue was that unlike melee attacks abilities have a significant cooldown so when they fire is quite important. If you queue one up because you are already swinging your weapon there is no indicator that the ability was queued, nor any indication that you successfully pressed the button.

    So at the start i was comboing and mashing the ability key wondering when it was ever going to fire.

    If you want to keep the current design of queuing abilities

    • I would suggest a different graphic for the button that lets you know pressing it is no longer necessary because it is “in the queue”.
    • Something that gives you the sense of ticking and it is about to fire
    • Of course if you override it or for any reason it comes out of the queue the graphic should return to normal.
    • Side note I would have the button flash or look like it was pressed down when you click Q/E/F to provide visual feedback that you actually did press the key

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