Boosted by accident

  • Help, I got ranked up on an Official Australian Victoria free-for-all server. I was originally rank 33, and after mustering a few kills, as other people were being ranked up on the server too, I noticed after, It boosted me to rank 58. I’ve seen people downgraded to level -21, and been annoyed (sensibly enough) for boosting, all those people knew I’m not that good at the game anyway.
    Could I have some help fixing my rank?
    Thanks, my username is AzogTheFilingCabinet on steam.

  • @AzogThePaleOrc That was a fake official; someone named a privately operated and modified server to look like an official server.

    We are collecting names & Steam IDs of those who were affected, so including a link to your Steam Profile will help us ensure we have the correct person.

    Can you please post a link to your Steam ID? Steam isn’t finding your name despite a direct copy/paste into the player search bar.

    Alternately, @LILBOOTS is also collecting info for this issue, so you can send your info to him if you like.

  • I think you’ll find once you start to play on the proper official servers the rank will fix it self quite ok . Long ago on my lan at home
    offline I ranked to 96 due to my own investigating. Its a safe bet to assume that server you were on had a group of these gamers
    upto no good while trying not to report to the master server of TB’s. Hence the blatantly messed about ranks. I would contact steam
    also with a view of legal action as in essence they were haking your rank files on a purchased game, so Steam could even ban
    the lot of them, esp the server hosters/gamers responsible. Let alone TB could blanket ban them globally .

  • Same thing happened to me, was rank 30 and I think on same server as Azog, killed a few people and now I’m rank 72. :( Is this fixable? I have heard it said I will be reset to rank 0, and while in all honesty this is preferable to being 40 ranks above my real, I would rather be where I was.

    name - Jayson
    steamid - lotus3361

  • @loin I tried joining a real official and no help :(

  • This post is deleted!

  • @Reithur alright thanks, i have addressed him about it already.

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