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  • This will mostly be some ideas about the current in game UI, which means, team select, class select, scoreboard, and the HUD. Again it’s my perspective and opinions. I have probably mentioned some of it already in the other thread.

    The team select screen is very simple and doesn’t offer much information about anything at all. I made a quick “sketch” (a piece of art if I may say so myself) in paint with a few ideas. Also the Example MAP2 title is in the wrong location, should be to the far left and not center, I think it happens on all maps, not entirely sure.

    First off, I absolutely love the transperent background, it looks amazing, also the magic dusty wind effects on the team icons, amazing.

    • First off the left side column, it would cover information about the map name, what mode you’re playing, perhaps even more information. And then the lore behind the map, what is the purpose of it.
    • The top column would have simple information about the objective types, perhaps even the additional time you get for completing one. If it’s FFA, TDM, or LTS, it would still mention what you’re supposed to do, ie deplete the enemy teams tickets to 0, or kill everyone!
    • That leaves the middle screen, not sure why I put a red box in the middle myself, but basically having the team selection centered there instead, also a quick indicator of which team attacks or defends (will be double info due to the lore, but it might be helpful for a quick glance)

    0_1459260659232_team-select ideas.jpg

    I didn’t do any doodling on the class selection screen. But I guess that also could have a left hand column similar to the idea for team select. The abilities also just look like they’re hanging there in the middle of nowhere and could also use some other column, maybe one to the far right.
    As I mentioned in another thread it would be nice to see the stats of the class you hover over as well.
    This would obviously mean you’d need some better indication of the selected class, right now it’s shown as the background, but the fire down at the class selection is sorta meh and doesn’t pop out, a better indication would be appreciated.


    At the end of the round a large Victory or defeat pops up on the middle of my screen, it will cover the scoreboard and just be annoying in every way. I suggest moving it to the top where you have the objective progress instead, obviously making it slightly smaller as well.
    1_1459260659232_Victory-defeat ideas.jpg
    Can’t see shit on the scoreboard.

    The scoreboard
    It’s okay, it works for a 6v6, but not for a 10v10 or something larger due to how it’s layed out, that would require a vertical split instead of a horizontal one. There could be several improvements to it, for example you could have objective points, which would also include healing points from the totem as an example. There could be a quick indication of the current objective. There could also be additional information such as K/D, accuracy, team damage, total damage, etc. Packetloss could have its own column next to the ping. I assume the white box is going to have the steam avatar of the person as well, but right now the white box is a boring default, and it would look bad on PAX too, so perhaps having some other default avatar.

    In game HUD
    Both the Ability bar and the HP/block strngth bar could be lowered and tucked neatly into the corners so they obstruct as little space of the screen as possible. The left and right side are more important to see than the upper and lower ones, so moving the alpha watermark to the top left corner would help as it’s kinda in the way right now.

    I feel that the objective markers are fine, perhaps lowering the bar around the thing you push to the absolute bottom of the screen would keep that out of the way. It is sometimes sorta hard to see if one point is being captured though, perhaps make the marker pop out a bit more as it’s being captured or has been captured.

    Also where is the time? there’s no timer at all when playing TO, it does say when there’s 1 minute left in the chat, but that doesn’t really help. Would be nice to have it tick down somewhere close to the objective progression at the top of the screen

    The chatbox
    Right now it sorta intersects with the ability bar, but if you move the ability bar down slightly it amy no longer be the case. As an alternative the abilities could be moved to the other side where you have your HP and block strength instead.
    Having a different colour of my name and of the other peoples names in chat every new round is annoying, they should stay as the team colours instead.

    Friend markers
    Would be nice to have, in 6v6 ranked it would be nice to have markers for every team mate as well so you know where they are.

    Quick default control check.
    An idea that could benefit newer palyers, which would also help at PAX, is a system similar to that which Space Engineers has. If you press F1 a box pops up with all the basic commands, which would be sprinting, interacting, turning on jetpack etc. The same could be useful in this game, and it could list things like Voice commands, warcry, the different types of attacks, how to perform alt attacks, which button to feint, to parry, and all of that sort.

  • Developer

    Thanks for the feedback, have passed this onto Darin here who does the UI art.

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