Unofficial Map Balance 6v6 Test: April 1st-3rd

  • Hey there, fellow playtesters.

    As short of a notice as this may be, our objective is to help Tornbanner get a presentation build ready for PAX. We’re short on time!
    We’ve discussed this in the chat, now it’s time to take it to the next level.

    Test Objective

    During this test, we are to play TO-Gov and TO-Ravine about three times each, two times at the least.
    We are to focus on completing the objectives with a variety of class selections, while the teams have equal loadouts.
    We’ll discuss the loadouts shortly before the events after we’ve tested the classes with this week’s changes.

    Test Goal

    Our goal is to collect balance information regarding the two maps for multiple players vs multiple players.
    We’re focusing on:

    • Overall bias towards one team or another
    • Difficulty/Lack of Difficulty in attacking
      This includes respawn times, respawn distance and map bottlenecks that are easy to defend, as well as specific issues that give the attackers advantages/disadvantages in holding the objective for a long period of time.
    • Difficulty/Lack of Difficulty in defending
      This includes the above as well as the advantage of holding a position, including minor class balance issues.
      For example, using tinker mines to completely block and control one of the only major ways to reach the objective.
      A very clear example of this is using the mine in TO-Ravine under the slanted stone gate to the entrance of Objective B, causing the mine to activate when enemies reach its proximity from the other side of the slab.
    • Average objective ratio and length - Making sure we make the most of those 10 minutes!
    • Of course, if we come across game bugs during the match, remember to list them report them afterwards!
    • Anything helpful you can come up with!


    I’ve prepared a small poll for us on by Killer Crabs’ recommendation.
    I’ve included the most reasonable start times for this event considering work-hours and time-zone differences.

    This event is probably going to last about an hour to an hour and a half. We can obviously test more if we are able and willing.
    It seems our most-probable options thus far are:

    1. Friday - 20:00-21:30 GMT - 8 Players - 4v4
    2. Saturday - 17:00-18:30 GMT - 8 Players - 4v4
    3. Friday - 17:00-18:30 GMT - 7 players - 3v3 + 1 Spec - Shameless bias towards Xyl who’s proven himself in his analytical abilities

    We’ll pick the 2 of the most popular times to make sure most people have a chance to participate.
    If we won’t have enough players for a 6v6, then we’ll have to make do with as many as we can gather, hopefully at least a 4v4.
    In any case, we’ll keep trying this every weekend until we can gather enough players.

    I advise you to leave out your steam profile on the comment section of the doodle poll, so that we can contact each other more smoothly.

    Click here to join the test! (


    This plan will only be successful if we all take responsibility and work together!
    I can’t promise that I’ll be here to organise this event properly, so add each other, talk to each other. If we stay communicative there shouldn’t be any issue.

    Have fun and good luck!

  • I think you mean 1st - 3rd of April. March is over ;-)

    Edit: Also I’ll be there

  • @Gauntlet
    Woops, corrected.
    I also added a list of what we should focus on in terms of map balance.

    Make sure to select your most preferred event times on Doodle!

  • Developer

    Awesome initiative Mr. Grumps!

    Let us know what you guys think of how thing balance.

    As per vesros’ post, the upcoming build will have some pretty big changes including limiting you to only PAX classes and abilities.
    The TO maps are also split into smaller stage maps. These are still work in progress but kinda sorta work.

    We hoping to get a new build out to you over the next couple of days.

  • I changed my 20PM GMT time on friday, not sure how long I can play for that night.

  • We only need one more for a 5v5, which is almost perfect, probably enough to test the balance!
    Right now it seems that the two dates picked will be Friday 18:00 and Saturday 17:00/21:00 GMT.

    Sadly, I can’t be in either of them.
    I’m actually having a few unexpected difficulties in my life at the moment, something that I really can’t ignore.
    While I basically should be able to join Saturday 17:00 GMT, sadly I can’t promise any of the dates at the moment.

    Next week will definitely be miles different, though, I’ll be completely available almost all weekend!
    And the next week!
    And the next week…

  • Alright guys, I definitely won’t be home tonight. It’s up to you now.
    This evening 20:00 - 21:30 GMT.

    If you want to be considerate in favour of Xyl (he’s been helping a lot and can organise his feedback really well), then 17:00 - 18:30 GMT.

    Good luck!

  • I may not be able to be on for long either way, got a few things to take care of.

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