Question about LAN access

  • I’ve been reading up on the game a lot, and it’s really appealing. But as I tend to prefer playing games with some close friends I was wondering if this game comes with a means of playing a private LAN game, or possibly even alone with bots?

    If the only way to play is to log into a public game server, and tell your mates to enter the same one, and hope there’s room for all. This isn’t really my cup of tea, regardless of how fun the game looks.

    Any clarification on this subject would be greatly appreciated :)

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    Alternatively you could run a dedicated server on your own computer but yea.
    Either way you’d just have to get your friends to connect to your IP in the console via open IP_ADDR and you should be all good to go.

  • Developer

    To start the server with 16 bots, you’d add ?numplay=16 after the map, so your command line might look like:
    UDK.exe server MAP_NAME?dedicated=true?numplay=16

    or, if you set an adminpassword, you can add 16 bots after you log in as admin with

    admin addbots 16

    Bear in mind that bots are not supported on Team Objective maps, and will not complete all of the objectives on them.

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