The Mirage Report: Volume II - Lore Questions and Answers

  • This thread is designed to cover the lore aspect of Mirage; compared to Chivalry, the game seems to have more lore in place, judging from what I’ve heard from the few in-game lines and from the site. I’ll categorize what I already know below as well as ask a few questions for anyone that can answer them (preferably Kevin, since this seems to be his sorta deal). I hope someone else is as interested as I am…

    The following descriptions are taken from the Mirage FAQs page under the section 'What are the teams?"

    The Bashrahni Emirate represent the elite of their civilization, wielding the magic of the “Jinn” as a tool for power and industry. They dwell in the grand city of Bashrahn, with its opulent palaces and fine markets – and believe that magic can corrupt the mind and body if used in excess.

    The Azar Cabal live as outcasts in the desert, cast out from the city due to their communion with the source of magic – the spirits of the “Jinnaye”. They disagree with the Bashrahni for using magic in the name of power and production; instead, their connection to the Jinn is far more spiritual, and less constrained.

    Now, some information that I have gathered from one of the developers and the few voice lines in game.

    High Regent - Seems to be the “ruler” of Bashrahn; seeing as there’s a war, implying it may be not only a war about magic’s use but also a succession war?

    Bashrahn Regency Council - Only makes sense considering there is a High Regent, also confirmed by Kevin. Apparently does the brunt of the ruling in Bashrahn; High Regent can’t be bothered with such menial tasks.

    Codex - Seems to be some sort of list of heroes or other persons of influence; implied by the Bashrahni Alchemancer.

    Dina (Pronounced dee-nah) - Some sort of deity?

    This does raise a few questions, though.

    I. What is the Codex? What is its importance in Bashrahni/Cabal society?

    II. What’s the story behind the name of the Azar Cabal? Its founder?

    III. Alchemancers; are they really as important as their lines imply? From what I’ve heard, the Bashrahni one boasts about “table with the High Regent” and also that his name is “Promised to be in the Codex”. Are they actually important or is their reputation token?

    IV. What’s the difference between Entropists and Alchemancers in terms of ability? Are Alchemancers naturally gifted where as Entropists require the usage of a staff as a catalyst to their spells?

    V. What’s up with the Cabal having oddly colored skin, namely unnaturally pale or blue? Is the Bashrahni belief of magic being a corrupting force not necessarily without ground?

    VI. The Jinnaye; what exactly are they? Spirits from an ancient civilization?

    VII. Quoted from Alchemancers; “My Jinn” The usage of this seems to be plural; do magic users “awaken their Jinn” (quoted from Azar Vigilist) or are they enslaved?

    VIII. Continuation of question seven; are the Jinnaye enslaved by the Bashrahni?

    IX. The final stage on Government; it can be seen in the palace that there is some sort of giant flaming room behind some sort of gate; what exactly is that place?

    X. Skin colors (Westerner = White, Easterner = Arabic, Southerner = Black); does this imply that the continent has different geographical features that also influence its denizens?

    Let me know what you guys think of this thread. Thanks a ton for reading.

  • re: X

    You can think of Bashrahn as being sort of economically like the independent city-state of Venice and culturally more similar to Constantinople (Istanbul) or Smyrna (Izmir) in terms of multiculturalism. Like Constantinople, Bashrahn is an intercontinental trade hub.

  • @TBPhoenix That makes a lot of sense. Good point, I suppose.

  • So basically, a city where two clans roamed around, yet one was kicked out by the other more powerful one. Forcing the lesser clan to flee the dangers that threatened them. After decades of honing their skills, they finally leave their safe desert homestead; they have watched the Bashrani abuse magic for their own good, forcing their authoritarian order upon the population of Bashrahn, even influencing neighbouring cities. The Azar Cabal grew tired of this wicked behaviour, and a war is brewing (Latte™).

  • Developer

    @Xenokkah We are actually in the middle of preparing a blog series that should answer a lot of these questions - but thanks for the prompting, we’ll try to provide clear answers to some of the key questions you’ve identified.

  • Developer

    The Azar Cabal began as a small tribe of exiled Bashrahni people.
    After many years these exiled people numbered enough in order to thrive and become a new people, the Azar Cabal.

    Bashrahn has created their own enemy.

  • Developer

    Take everything the Bashrahni Alchemancer says with a grain of salt. He’s kind of a jerk. ;)

  • @sir_loin Can’t blame you there, but even from the worst people we can find important stuff. The gate is open, I suppose.

  • @tehKage Just noticed something about the Azar that interests me greatly; you can see the veins of Cabal players pulsating black occasionally. I assume there’s a lore reason behind this as well as the oddly colored skin? Also, the pulsating veins thing is also a very nice touch.

  • Might be might be!

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