Self Heal

  • The abilty to self heal has no real punishments as of right now, except for that you can use it when it doesn’t work and you can’t use it in close quarters. However, it could instead be turned into an “ability”, a “4th ability” for every class; that would mean it’d need a few changes to itself, the changes would not only limit the use of self heal, it would also increase the use of healing abilities and not render them useless. The changes it would need includes:

    • Not being possible to activate unless your character is already regenerating HP. Being able to use it without it doing anything is frustrating.
    • Having a max amount of hit points it can heal, preferably in percent, so say around 50%-75% of the characters total health. This would mean that you can’t just get low HP, heal up quickly, then engage with full HP again if it dropped below a certain treshold, but it would allow for faster healing for a brief moment of time.
    • Having a cooldown start as soon as you’re done using the “ability,” preferably a quite long one, around 30-60 seconds or so, that way you can’t spam it as you’ve canceled it and noticed that you’re in no real danager. Alternatively: it could drain from a pool how much you heal with it which slowly refills over time. But a forced cooldown seems to be a better alternative imo.
    • Having an icon of it’s own somewhere on the HUD, preferably close to the HP gauge, which would be greyed out when you can’t use it, ie full HP or not yet regenerating.

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