Introduction of a 4th attack + alt stab.

  • This would mean that more animations would have to be created, but I myself would prefer it a lot compared to the current system, while it would also bring more depth to the combat itself. This is just a suggestion and I’m interested to see what people think about the idea.

    I hate how alternative “overheads” are attacks form below, I would much rather have them be overheads angeled from different directions, similar to how it works with amajority of the weapons in chivalry. However, the underhand strikes are by no means a bad thing, instead it could be turned into a 4th type of attack with both regular and alt animations. You would then have:

    • Horizontal slash - LMB
    • Vertical overhead slash - Scroll Down
    • Stab/thrust - Scroll Up
    • Vertical underhand slash - MMB

    It would also be really nice if you could add an alternate stab originating from the opposite direction of the current one as well.

    I believe that this could change the melee combat for the better making it far more advanced than it currently is, making it something fresh from chivalry (Not counting the magic here), increasing the skill ceiling as there’s more ways to kill someone but also more animations to keep track of when you’re on the defensive side.

  • Developer

    This is actually already in the works!
    A long with this we’ll be trying an alternate solution to tracers that exaggerate the direction the swing is from making all the attack even more varied tracer wise and hopefully more reliable (or it’ll crash and burn, experimental!).

    A thing that we have in but haven’t had the time to play for a while is adding late upper body/headshot hits, basically if your first hit is lower body but you also swing through the upper body then the difference between the 2 would apply once this occurs, this would help balance the 2 overhead attacks out and make the damage range more reliable in general.

  • @Vesros This sounds really interesting, can’t wait to try it!

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