itunes vikings season 4

  • So annoying that ITunes USA has Vikings Season 4 but iTunes Canada does not.

    I cant find anywhere online that is selling legit copies that I can stream. I thought I was finished with having to go to putlocker etc. While itunes is expensive, it gives me something decent to watch when I’m travelling.

    Any ideas?

  • Why don’t you watch that on amazon prime movies? also the Musketeers is on netflix now, well in the UK it was on bbc 1.

  • Season 4 is not on the canadian version of amazon prime.

    I couldnt really get into Musketeers, the 100 is getting better and better each season. Jessica Jones was really good too. Occupied I liked a lot. Problem with Netflix is I cant watch it on an airplane even if they have internet enabled (which is rare).

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