Zweihander/Weapon experiences

  • Ever since I knew this weapon would be in the game I was hyped, I grinded and grinded to get it getting good with the claymore as I did. Once I got the Zweihander I was overwhelmed with joy, finally I could start to get good with my favourite medieval weapon. I was very dissapointed, the speed killed this weapon for me, I couldnt do anything. After about 10 games in a row of my k/d being about halve of what it normally was i switched back to the claymore.
    No I am not saying I want the zweihander changed (would be nice ;D) I am more curious about other peoples experience with second or final ter weapons that where either completely underwhelming or much better than you expected.

  • It’s the best Greatsword for me.

    That range + damage.

    I play a high risk, high reward Vanguard, so it’s perfect for me. I time my strikes. So I don’t need to spam.

  • Its pretty well the same as the greatsword except +5 range and -13 speed. They will both be a two hit and overall the 5 range doesnt help much i find, if i am going to hit them with the zweihander i am going to hit them with the greatsword. The speed is what makes it so much worse, if they block one of my swings they can attack me 1-2 times before i get the chance to attack or block again

  • Yeah honestly the weapon tiers mean faily little from my experience, I’ve been hammering away at the weapons and I’ve generally found that weapons don’t get “better” at all, I’ve managed to unlock all of the main weapons for Vanguard and most of the MaA weapons. They are different, they are better and worse at different things. I personally found that if you put more work into finding out how to use the Zwei in the best possible way then it can EASILY be the best 2H sword, not a random swinging into crowds of allies and enemies weapon.

    I recommend everyone keep unlocking weapons, it costs you nothing but some time and you might find a fun new weapon you’d never have expected yourself to like.

  • Well, on a game of FFA i was with the Zweihander, and it was awesome, i almost killed 10 guys in a live (down attack :P), decapitaton mostly, and it’s awesome, if they speed it it it would be OP. It has range and damage, let’s don’t have a lightsaber on a medieval game, okay?

  • i don’t see any problem. i feel like iam completely overkilling everyone with the flamberg.

    every weapon i’ve played is doing what it should. you just have to use it for it’s purpose.

    for me, skills come with timing the attacks and blocks, range, feinting and creativity(!) in the attacks. i had to learn that after i was swinging wild on everyone in the beginning, regardless of what weapon ive used, and then get decapitated 100 times :p

    i didn’t find any weapon that “sucks” yet.

  • Heres a good tip video made by Sharantil on the Zweihander. Helped me a bit when i first started … ature=plcp

  • The zweihander is noticeably longer than the greatsword, despite what the stats screen might tell you. Furthermore, the windup is the important stat when it comes to attack speed, and the zwei’s windup isn’t that much longer than the greatsword’s. Once you get used to playing with a slow swinging weapon, and learn how to control your strikes to either hit with the start of the swing or the end of it, you’ll find the zwei’s greatest strength - being able to manipulate enemy parry timings. If they parry early, you turn away and wait for the parry to end, hitting them with the end of your swing. If they parry late, you turn into them and hit them with the start of it.

  • I would say that if you are good at manipulating the swing time to be faster or slower by turning either away from or toward your swing direction, the Zweihander is an excellent weapon. Combine that with feinting and a good mix of spartan kicks for the shield wielders, and you should be fine. The biggest weakness of the Zweihander is probably a Man at Arms or Knight with a one-hander getting up in your face.

    Personally, I do the best with a Zweihander and it’s probably my favorite weapon, although I still have about 25% of weapons to unlock ATM.

    You can hit someone ridiculously fast if they are to the side of you from which your blade starts swinging from.

  • I’ve unlocked everything on the knight except for the upgrade to the morning star and I’m pretty happy with the weapons.

    The hammer is so ridiculously slow I can’t imagine it being good outside of a chaotic melee, but other than that the weapons all seem to fit nicely without too much overlap in purpose.

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