PS4 vs Xbox One: For best Chivalry?

  • As I don’t yet have a console, Does one console have an advantage for Chivalry players? . Lets not forget I posted a while ago
    that the pc & console players will be able to meet soon on servers. The Xbox has superior processing power but the ps4
    has better gpu power? plus 8gb of DDR5 ram, which pc hobbyist builders know is blisteringly good ram for graphics.

    As a pc player one could say the consoles specs shouldn’t matter as its coded for a uniform machine but I bet a player
    who has played on both consoles even now could answer what console runs the game better with better fps tbh.
    Also on the horizon is the new PS4.5 some info :

    As a pc player if this new ps4.5 comes along it should mean fantastic price cuts for the ps4 so expect to
    see my playing Chivalry console by the end of year tbh. Assuming the joypads are similiar to each other.

  • The cross platform is for some games not all, rocket league being the first of this new era of PC vs console, ps4 has the frame rate advantage but both are very much broken, only advantage I see in Xbox (speaking cause I’ve played both) is that the community is ever so slightly more involved by a hair, aside from that ps4 chiv is better

  • It should be due to its gpu but the game is coded for uniform machines so I wouldn’t expect it to be able to use each
    machines full specs tbh.

  • @loin haven’t played chiv on both so I couldn’t really answer your question

  • @loin lion plz i hope every console player knows best players are on pc for sure but xboxone vs ps4 could be fun too see witch has better skilled.

  • @TGL-Error I’d like to hear you say that after you pick up a controller and play laugh
    It’s not the same game

  • @General-Firefly u talk much lol il rape u on pc or on ps4 or xboxone

  • tell me general from witch clan are u from u a harold cocksucker? tell me?

  • Banned

    Xbox one has more of a comp scene from what I’ve heard, but due to the lack of fucks given by torn banner the community has recently gone to shit. Nobody wants to play a game that gets 0 support on Xbox at least. As for cross platform I highly doubt it will happen for chivalry because as we all know TB hates the idea of positive support for this game (on console at least).

  • @Vade off course your quite right, look at my response to Creating a video - can you compete? just now. They don’t care, never have or ever will
    about this community in the least.

  • @TGL-Error That was a rather immature comment. I’m not going to argue with a kid.

  • We xboxone players pay the same amount of money for the game and we dont ge alle the things pc has like: weapon skins, new maps , duelyard mode , we got super lag

    thats alle i gonna say so id agree with that TB doesnt support community

  • All the maps, weapons, etc were made by PC players, not TBS, and they have no legal ability to use them in ports.

    Duelyard is just a map with a healing fountain and a few other adjustments, not a mode. It wouldn’t work on console cause it’s just ffa game mode and there aren’t admins to enforce ffa duel rules.

  • @Naleaus i understand wat u mean with there aren t admins but we xboxone commutiy wil just vote kick or kill them over and over again we can host our own games als well so we can duel. But dueling in ffa without a healing fountain is anyoing and btw weapons made by pc players has nothing too do with console diffrents cuz TB doesnt care about commuity only about money. But then why not sell them on xbox and ps4?

  • Even the ones made by TB are not on console. We only have weapon skins from the Barbarian update from PC

  • @TGL-Error
    They had contracts to be able to use the maps and skins that users created. Unless they included consoles in those, they can’t legally sell them. They don’t own them.

  • @Naleaus That isnt true cuz the owners of the weapon make it tho a TB site they can send it too TB when they are finished if its good they get some special helmed but TB owns it just like it get selled on pc that means they can sell it on consoles aswell. The new maps i mean the ones TB maked the new ones not the ones made by players.

  • @TGL-Error
    You’re wrong. Everything sold on the workshop is still the property of it’s creator, and they even receive a portion of the profits each time it’s sold.

    See here for confirmation on ownership

    As for maps, the only newer ones that were implemented that TBS actually made themselves are Coldfront and Outpost. All the others, Cove, Irillia, etc are made by players. Hence why they aren’t in game. Duel yard isn’t even an official map, so couldn’t be used regardless.

  • @Naleaus you just dont understand how TB works yet

  • I’ve been playing since release. You don’t understand how business work. If they tried to sell stuff that isn’t there’s, they’d be sued. Quit being dumb and realize that though they may be greedy, they can’t do that without legal headaches.

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