What is your ideal patch

  • Mine would be players imploding after 1 min if the fov is extremely high, the circle moving dancers are a blight
    after all its not Quake3 is it. Trying to replicate the way to play a great medieval game as if its a circle strafe extreme
    shooter ruins it for others.

    Also in my patch ie after I commit to a sword of war swing as its about to connect the idea another player using
    even a long sword can not only start his swing after mine but kill me first hehe, A lot of this stuff exists, as if
    its a mild form of speed hak which is below the vac system but very subtle.
    . In my patch a background diagnostic tool would kick in earlier on to flag via a
    hidden message on console for admins attention to look into that players speed of weapons.

    My patch would also use the same system to notify a console message to be read by an admin later about
    spam voters, team killers plus unusual animation activity. Lastly my patch would stick you into spectator
    after 4 maps to rest, drink tea or you can leave the sever if you choose. Lastly I don’t see why a new icon
    could be displayed by a players name or even his name colour changed to indicate he is in fact playing
    in 3rd person or first. Not to stigmatise them but for players to see after a good fight if both were of same
    perspective. Some actually say they are in 1st even though they aren’t so why lie about that?
    I could mention also a back kill by any ranged weapon or stab would have a reduced reward by 60%.

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    I think you can guess mine. Hint: it includes bots.

  • Bring back the first person death cam!

  • Yes also I always fancied being able to add the class of bots you want to fight in single player practice
    even down to the weapons they use , it couldn’t do any harm imo. Esp annoying is spawning archers
    in single player spawning looking in another direction still shooting arrows at you hehe.

  • All I want are for the majority of changes made in the mercs mod (longer minimum windup, certain weapons slower, FHF, etc) to be put into vanilla.

    Obviously that won’t happen because TBS isn’t making balance changes anymore, and while it’s unfortunate, it’s understandable.

  • I would be nice to get hold of one of those big ranged super duper fast vanguard swords they rely on for skill to show what a
    veteran knight can do with such a weapon of such advantage tbh.

  • Patch out Loin tbh, so I can
    get back to my
    Grey tea

  • Simple. Remove man at arms teleportation. This isn’t mirage.

  • Well tbh who read about those naughty things revealed on ******** .
    Off course in the ideal patch those text files would not be accessible after all no logical reason exists to have them
    on your pc. That is generic Earl Grey tea btw Colonel , not a brand of stock with mr kiplings lemon slice of cake.

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