New Archer nerfs & limits 2016

  • Its the same old story Archers simply upsetting players out to have a good fun game of Chivalry.
    They troll, they team, they are op in every way, despite a dwindling player base mostly due to this class
    TB does’t care. Not only are they now teaming up more then ever, but on ffa servers with bunches of exploiting
    animation Knights with mauls/messers or glichy vans dominating scores by 35 clear kills.

    A simply reducing in ammo available on maps plus a 40 % reduction in any ranged weapon damage plus
    2 or more seconds added to butter knife spam.

    Lastly a limiting time on playable time as Archer: IE when kicked from a server it remembers you so won’t let you back in
    the server for 15 mins. Using a system such as this but like rank is recorded, it has a counter for hours played as Archer.
    2 maps a week limit is my idea. That’s more then generous. A few chaps were looking for a quite place to have a skirmish
    they even left a server to find another server, within 10 mins of joining to fight each other an Archer joins to just snipe at them?
    These trolls go out of there way to get cheap nasty kills with such an op class. Word even got back to me of a duel server
    unable to get rid of one or two simply sniping players.

  • Its been years of complaints of archers and you are just getting to this? You play the game right?

    They wont change it now, probably wanted 1st person shooter players to feel comfortable.

  • What are you on a sugar diet ? Off course I play the game also I have made threads in previous years about Archers
    suggesting they needed a reduction , infact even ammo reducing was originally from my thread I was the first plus
    damage ranged snipers do. By now off course mr L is on the steam hub adding his unique admin trolling of the
    thread with his usual fruity basket of bs hehe.

    Edit: Actually I am tweeting the opening thread, many gamers on twitter would agree about ranged op classes
    even from other games plus I have got into the habit of tweeting posts to try to draw new people to the TB
    community here tbh.

  • Stop crying they are going to get a good nerfing this year behind the carpark.
    go and read the original post tbh. An op class that has caused an exodus of
    gamers for over a year towards other fairer better game on steam. Simply so
    some fat camper can sit on a deck chair eating toasted marshmellows barely
    moving while on his ipad sniping and killing skilled players moving like slugs
    on large battlefields , plus they get all the close range goodies also? faster
    spam, movement, plus bonus’s for backstabbing Back in the day…

  • I bet you 1000 posts they will never get nerfed .

  • @gregcau Do you think Mr L will give us some stake posts to gamble with…
    it would be interesting to see some figures published by TB showing how many
    play each class atm. I am curious how mordau deals with the Archer class.

  • Lol, I thought the original post was a joke, it read like sarcasm to me.

    But you’re all serious… This forum really IS a different world than the one I play less and less in online.

    Funny no one even plays this “OP” class, least played class even BEFORE all the crybaby appeasing nerfs (TB released data on this). And it was right after the heavy nerfs of no flinch and the elimination of the Warbow that the player base started dropping off (because there were like 20 dominant Warbow users in the whole community, what are there, like 150-200 dominant great sword players?).

    The forum vanguard tears brigade got the game they wanted, don’t cry now when no one wants to play it anymore.

  • I’d also add I don’t see what people have to complain about when it comes to reverse overheads and the rest. Would you rather they feint?

    It’s not like you can just load this game up and become a dominant player, that reverse overhead stuff requires some seriously heavy skill and experience. I can’t do it properly, if you can’t, too f’ing bad, someone is better than you.

  • From my exp its the Archers what complain the most when threatened with alterations to the skilless gaming
    they have been weened on, this crutch of gaming… In most fps games camping is looked down upon. Why
    I have even seen admins come to servers to kick campers off games asap. Why should these Archer campers
    In Chivalry be respected at all ? Considering its the least skilled camper in all the fps games. slug moving targets.
    Targets with back turned as they are in combat with often 1 to 3 enemy knights or vans, maa. Instead of sensibly
    reducing this class’s opness yrs ago when they should have, the gave it more toys to make it even easier plus to
    sell more copies of Chivalry hehe. ie a glichy spear with mini shield known for its buggy almost unstoppable bs.

    I am sure many agree they have had near 4 years of blissfully easy gaming at the other classes expense so now
    as Chivalry is not going to relaunch ot hit 10k player bases ever again that TB could reduce this class’s all round
    opness to rest. :) , They come in , play hundreds of hours , rank up then leave the game afer bored of camping
    for easy kills, that’s the story of how it is.

  • I can remember when Playing another fps game online getting into a skirmish in the middle with a player after which I killed him
    only to then frag another one, then the original play once again as I left the middle grounds, suddenly an admin appear supported by
    the players I killed plus a team mate to say to me camping is not allowed. Simply because I stopped for a min in the middle to fight
    or maybe it was 2 mins. Admin proceeded to remove me to spectator , then they all agreed to kick ban me from that server hehe.
    The reason given was camping for easy kills, After checking that website it was in fact a Rule and Strictly enforced, Even though
    I felt that I hadn’t actually stopped in the middle to rail camp insta kill players at all but got into a fair frag fight.
    Tbh that particular time I was infact moving through the map passing over the middle grounds, I simply got into those fights
    the server was new to me also, That just shows you how the anti camping , fed up of campers had effected that community
    to the degree of having admins involved to ban instantly for camping.

    My point being
    Camping for easy kills is fiercely looked down upon in all fps games.
    Remember Chivalry was advertised on kickstarter as a First Person melee game, not snipers alley for skilless gamers to play as
    Archer indefinitely at the cost to other players/gamers.

  • Not sure who mr L is (isnt that you).

    For me the archer issue is controversial.

    I dont play competitive (not fair to the other competitive players to get their ass handed to them).

    So I play pubs, I generally play TO 98% of the time.

    Archers are evil. They are limited to 4 per team.

    It is not the damage throughput that they dish out that makes them evil, it is the unfairness to the recipient of the arrow that makes them evil.

    A good player can bypass the shield of a knight and then melee them with very fast weapons.

    Nowadays (last 3/4 months on my yet another new account) I dont play MAA or Vanguard unless I’m bored. If I want to do well I play knight SOW+shield almost purely for the reason of archers (they choose another target usually) but also to make myself immune to feints and to deal with ROH much more easily (I have high FPS so its not hard to raise my shield in time for the spinners).

    But overall the game suffers due to the archer not being a support class, and being a very annoying main class i.e. you leave spawn and an archer xbow kills you one shot. WTF WTF? ONE SHOT? FROM ACROSS THE MAP WITH NOTHING BUT POINT AND CLICK???

    That issue is something unfortunately Tiberius never understood and never played the game enough to make a change. Personally when I play archer I just enjoy landing arrows, there is no need to make it a one shot kill as well.

    Yes your average pub game the archers do not have the highest kills - BUT COUNT THE ASSISTS AS KILL and it is a different story.

    But all this is wasted breath, CMW will not change, Mirage is the new CMW - it will be very interesting to see how ranged classes are dealt with - 3 ranged noob mages should not be able to easily kill a clannie expert killer.

  • Ahh yes, the old one shot, one kill across the map argument. With a medium crossbow or better, and a headshot on a MAA, or VG, or a body/head shot to another archer (but you guys hate that class so who cares), across the map, with a slow projectile, with only one shot per long reload.

    I can see how this is rampant!

  • @jlaff long range headshots only really happen to people who run in straight lines

  • I have screenshots even this week of a few being top of the leader boards in 24slot ffa with hak stab spam imo.
    why one was even doing some sort of jump kick with this spear shield mini bug they exploit, another one
    a trashy clan player was doing the same stuff but to add actually had 2 others teaming with him despite him
    leading the scores by a clear 20 kills. It sat in spec then joins to prove its such a good player to then win the
    leaderboard by the end of ffa game. purposely glichy archer from a clan. Just last night as I was about to
    leave yet again another known to me was in the process of being vote kicked off by hardened exploiters hehe.

    nb on an earlier game 5 were teaming . This class any veteran will tell you needs a complete peeling back
    to a simple bow of wood, a very small parry window certainly removing of spear shield exploit bug combined
    with shield shove jump kick, which as usual seems to us no stamina for them. plus slings removed.

    It will simply remove the chaf .

  • My collection of Archers winning in FFA and T/O is quite big also btw.
    Just yesterday Mr Archer with a clear 30 plus lead and finally win with just a slingshot the melee slaughter with op butter knife
    if any get close, but doing extended spam of voice constantly as he spins , leans backwards, Roh, feints , kicks jump kicks like a
    raving nutcase.
    Huston we have a problem tbh.

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