Official Playtest: Early April

  • I should be available for all times listed. However I have a strong preference towards night / evening est.

  • I should be around during all those times on Friday.
    I’ll probably be available today as well, but I prefer Friday.

  • I’d prefer later in the evening on Friday, but I can work with any of the times!

  • I can do Friday at any of those times.

  • Developer

    UPDATED BUILD CL : 49693
    New build coming your way!

    Due to a server travel bug we will not be running the Dockside map on the server this weekend.

    • GOV Garden (PAX)
    • GOV Palace (PAX)
    • RAVINE Top (PAX)
    • SunkenCity
    • TDM-Wasteland

    Changes since last build:

    • Ability tuning
    • Changes to spawn protection in PAX maps
    • Alchemancer charged shot has been removed
    • PAX UI for end of match
    • VO is now in for all classes

    Bug fixes:

    • Capture points are now capturable
    • Spawn walls no longer block progression
    • Lots of PAX map art fixes
    • many many other small fixes


    • Black loading screens
    • Some abilities can go through the iron dome
    • Rare crash during server travel
    • Occasional crash when killing an Alchemancer
    • Dockside does not end and transition to the next map
    • Some collision issues around spawn wall protection

  • Developer

    Tons of gameplay tweaks have gone in recently too, super busy with the pax build so haven’t had the time to post about it.
    Once pax is over everything will calm down and we’ll put a bigger focus on getting solid builds out and testing/feedback again, this is our first and possibly only hard deadline where we don’t have any wiggle room so it’s been a bit a bit stressful!

  • I can do those times, Thursdays depend if I am travelling (every other week).

  • @Reithur

    • Ability Names (if you’ve got better suggestions, let us know)
    • Spelling mistakes in ability descriptions or if the descriptions are not clear

    So for now I would suggest instead of Alchemancer’'s Draggable

    1. change the name from “Draggable” to “Phoenix”
    2. change the popup from “Start Dragging (Q)” which confused me no end to “Release Phoenix (Q)”.

    The whole dragging the phoenix is too complicated to explain and it moves too fast.

  • I’ll be on for 7pm EST tonight, perhaps earlier depending on work. I would like to see how the 1st objective of Ravine works out, when it is 1v1 its a little unfair on defenders (the attacker grabs the first one then runs around the back and by the time you have disabled the first one you have lost the second one - and then it continues like that)

  • ok got to run for dinner, it would be handy if there were particular times the alpha testers want to test out the TO maps over the weekend - for myself like 9-11am EST is easy. Regardless I’ll check out the new build.

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