Dedicated Server Config issu ( Linux )

  • Hi guys today
    I installed my chivalry server on linux
    and im very happy about it
    but i have problems,
    I read how to edit and where to edit the server cfg file
    things like :
    serveradmin password
    server name etc…
    so i did it in
    i edited PCServer-UDKGame.ini
    restarted the server
    but no changes

    its like the server wouldn’t read this cfg file… I dont know what to do…
    hope some1 can help me

  • I figured it out

  • Hi man, can you explain me how did you figure it out? Beacuse I have the same problem.

  • Hi
    The config file u have to edit is not in main server dir… ( dont ask me why… )
    you have to go into

    There u have a .cfg u need to edit,
    but btw Linux servers are crap they start to lagging after some few hours,

  • Thanks m8!

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