Chivalry Before & After diluted by cartoon players

  • @Clouseau said:

    Before: Chivalry was a great game with good tactical play ie
    relaxed steady comrado, bravo , gentlemen of honour combat
    giving even gg or thanks after encouters. Often saying Hello if seen again
    later in the week on another server.

    Today despite complaints over the years, even my recent excusion just this week
    into the official servers in EURO reveal players/gangs roaming about simply
    using fisheye dancing fovs 120 plus, animation, crouching , roh macrobinded combat sequences
    while often pulling off purpose glichying packet spiking you combat,
    despite that even managing to voice toggle spam messages during this bullshit.

    On the off chance you do hold your own just without resorting to such weak walking stick crutch
    gaming, you will find yourself then on the receiving end of 3 or more of these types of players
    teaming up esp on FFA servers. By killing one of them you can find yourself being hunted by a gang
    on that server plus when you do return sometimes they continue to stalk you as a gang in this way still.

    They actually seem to get annoyed at a normal player if he doesn’t get killed by one of there bs moves.
    Then off course the crouch instant over head kill, I have seen some recently were even the shoulder
    of a player shows no movement at all as they do a loud instant bang sounding overhead kill.

    What often grates is for years players trying to alert the developers by posts on steam are often
    swamped by try hard fan bois in the posts they make, or obnoxious admins diluting the threads
    such as our man Mr Yellow. Recently we were lucky enough to get mr Reithur who might actually
    get more of the players point of view into the developers ears, as he himself has joined them, congratulations Mr R tbh.

    When you see some veterans votekicked on sight by other players simply because they know his cartoon bs moves
    on sight its quite an eye opener. When you consider they are not known to admins but to nearly every regular
    pub player of Chivalry, it does tell you they are out of touch.

    Within the last month of March I witness Two such cartoon players vote kicked on site by official servers
    with experienced players on sight, considering video’s of them were sent in by me over a year ago its shocking
    isn’t it? Lastly seeing 1 or 2 players actually leading scores by 40 - 0 upto 55 - 0 ingame exploiting there
    hearts off. Bear in mind those score lines were not on some low rank server but 24 slot experienced player
    servers, proving you can’t contend with the contortionist reed richards types, a simple global ban should
    be award to those types of blight on this game.

    I understand that you find ballerinas are annoying im with you on that one but the 2013-14 style of swordplay with 90 fov is dead tbh.

    To sit on the throne one must adapt. When i moved from console to PC i couldnt beat an individual with 700+ hours until i started fighting fire with fire…

    Learn the new ways. Or if you are stuck in the old, learn to punish those who use the new ways.

  • Its not my cup of Earl grey it really isn’t, I won’t give them the satisfaction of playing like some generic cartoon tbh.
    I have a vast collection of screenshots btw of me at the top of the scoreboards, even ones taken in the last weeks

    a few even yesterday. Here below is my steam profile image. Of the 869 screenshots uploaded most are top scores.
    Plus I have a few 100 more not uploaded scattered amongst various computers here used at some time for steam.

    It’s not the ballerina’s that annoy me or dealing with them is not a problem, it the very idea the other types
    of players using so many glichy exploits of animation, macrobinded 4 keys in a row combat while spaming
    text during combat, combined with ballerina type fov 155 set by default I even saw them saying to each other
    in chat who then team to win blight on this game.

    " 1 or 2 players actually leading scores by 40 - 0 upto 55 - 0 ingame exploiting there
    hearts off "

    A veteran like myself can deal with any of these players, the issue is why should we as a community have to
    day in day out, let alone the many many newer players who can’t so a percentage of them up and leave for good.

    If anything my screenshot here or the 500 plus of victories prove a player can and some others do
    lead and win scoreboards with no combat walking sticks for aid. Now we have a click of players coming
    along most nights to simply pickup the 30 or more kill leads every night in this fashion as if its a right to c*****t.
    The FFA scene is certainly not admined in the EURO, if you read the ban appeals they are all for either using
    a Racist word or team killing… The actual ban for use of known combat exploits etc was last handed out 2 yrs back?

  • If this was QuakeLive or even Quake 3 arena, what your suggesting is
    " oh well they wall hack, bunny hop script plus aimbot, life goes on might as well join them "

    Never! as long as Good decent players draw breath the protests will never stop or campaigning
    to clean up this game and cull the chaf of this fine medieval game we all like tbh, we will fight them
    on the beeches.

  • There comes a point when you’ve played so much chiv you can find the hitbox on a player no matter how glitchy or laggy the server is. Not sure if that’s exploit or skill
    Do you remember in call of duty when the final kill cam showed a guy stabbing someone but his knife never touched the other guy? That’s actually something you can learn in chiv; with a little practice.

  • Not that I’m trying to promote anything.

  • Yes your likely right, in my case I don’t play that much Chivalry ie for days at a time but simply 5 or 6 maps now and again.
    usually when to many of the types of players mentioned plus trolls start to get on server , I might stick about for a
    few screenshots but I won’t be making video’s any more ever in view of my time wasted last year. If they really care
    about catching these they can go and do the work themselves tbh. If I simply send names over that they have already
    been alerted to its all evidence/history for the admins to look at etc before deciding any coarse of action. Three of the

    players I wasted time recording last year dismissed by Admins who have no clue what they are even looking at or doing
    were callvote kicked by the servers I played on recently, as soon as they started the bs moves, nb by the other players
    on the servers not new players or low ranks but some very exp players vote kicking them… INfact I never chat or vote on servers.
    Meaning I was not the cause of them being kicked by vote or vocally talking to those cheats, esp as I am under another name also.

  • I have to say even the sacred T/O mode is seemingly infested with try hard animation breaking exploiters of late.
    Why just yesterday yet again the 3rd approaching vanguard is already starting to lean backwards into a crouch as
    the long drag sound of meeeeeooooowww starts, as you deal with this he jumps into a kick? with overhead?

    Off course complete scripted in a macro bind… As you later on notice a lot more all black knights in the full
    Messer suits, Also doing the same stuff but with Messer swords? Then monty the Archer comes at a group
    of enemies screaming loudly at fov 140 simply circling a player spam stabbing with a constant scream?

    Binded sound to attack key for the full effect, finishes off with a RoH? spin into crouch ?
    Lastly MAA all the same stuff but with Dodge added into the mix, plus burning any group of fighting
    players as he also does his RoH lean backwards in to jump kick. nb 3 Archers sticking arrows in to
    team mates on the way down to the Battlefield who are already on fire from 2 maa trolls on the same
    side who are lobbing firepots at them from distance behind them.

    For those of you fan boi tryhards , Even ones who are my friends hehe, I even as usual took screenshots
    just last night even vans were clearly 47 kills ahead on scores as later on was a Knight plus even lastly
    A Archer was the top scored player by 36 kills , using just animation toon combat with a butter knife

    with his arsenal of recently learn’d duelling exploits. This proves without doubt the exploits and toons
    work across the classes, even with a butter knife, purposely breaking animation, binded combat keys
    in scripts neatly wrapped in a voice spam taunt with no pause.

    This defend till you die by tryhard fanbois even on the steam hub a few names come to mind
    is ignored by TB who really don’t care at all. Now I fear an exodus of such players in large
    numbers will infact be heading into Mirage on its release tbh. This effect is a much more
    destructive reason why players up and left Chivalry, the apathy in abundance by Torn Banner

    shown about this problem for years… Mirage might not last 8 months even if these types of
    players simply swarm it at such an early stage, bearing in mind a lot of meless stuff is left in
    the game plus 3rd person has not even been mentioned in my assessment T/O this week tbh.

  • I am not Tweeting this thread btw. It’s not about the players mentioned but more about the players they affect who simply
    up to leave our community. That ratio will always be higher, it really does seem as if those toony players and exploiters even
    have many more rights then the players we are losing each month. 1 player mentioned numerous times has more rights
    then the large amounts of servers he has infected for over a year, it really does seem that way. Despite video’s and reports.

  • The very idea you facing a player who is a walking strobe lighting effect with animations as he tries to face hug you in this
    way pulling off some wired move is defo spreading more in the game. They know what they are doing as one smiled at me
    today when told off.

  • 1 button cftp now 1 button macroed roh, tried to warn you all 2 years ago, rip

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