Chivalry Official Server Rules

  • Official Server Rules

    Please note that the rules listed below apply to both Chivalry: Medieval Warfare AND Chivalry: Deadliest Warrior

    Prohibited Behaviour

    Map exploiting or exploits that deliberately and knowingly are used by the player to gain an advantage or grief. E.g. hiding in unreachable spots, infiltrating enemy spawn via exploits, etc.

    Someone who deliberately irritates and harasses other players for their own enjoyment. Targeted insults, teamkilling or team damage, kicking, firepotting, following players to another server, or stream-sniping are all forms of harassment.

    Intentional TK’ing:
    Killing your teammates on purpose.

    Spamming Chat:
    Spamming the text chat with useless banter.

    Abusing votekick:
    Consistently votekicking players after one TK or for no reason. Votekicking players for being good is not a reason to votekick. You must have a valid reason.

    Racism & persistent bullying:
    Calling people names in a derogatory fashion is not allowed. Using racism and persistent bullying to attack another person(s) will result in being banned.

    General Toxicity and overwhelming rudeness:
    A person who constantly insults others, is being unwelcoming to new players, is actively looking for trouble, deliberately trying to escalate ingame chat and trying to get players riled up through inflamatory remarks.

    High Ping/Lagging:
    When you have an abnormally high ping and are lagging around the servers, it affects gameplay and other users. We all get lag spikes every so often, so I suggest if you are having an issue with lagging, stop playing for a moment and see if your ping will go back to normal. While there are no max ping rules on official servers, admins do have the right to come in and take action if your high ping is consistent and affecting gameplay for more than 5 minutes.

    Do not advertise your websites, other server hosts, porn sites, etc. ((You MAY announce about an upcoming tournament, contest or event that pertains to Chivalry and only once per map.))

    This will get you automatically placed on the global ban list. Help yourself and others by not hacking/cheating. You get no warnings and no temp bans. If caught hacking/cheating, you will be permanently banned.

    Official Admin & Developer Impersonation
    Impersonating official admins and developers on official servers is not allowed and will result in a ban. Creating private servers to mimic official servers will result in a request to the GSP to remove the server and will result in a ban

    Ban Circumvention
    Circumventing local bans by use of family share or alt accounts on official server or circumvention of global bans by alt accounts may result in those alt accounts being banned.

    Smurf accounts on low levels
    Using a smurf (an alt Steam account) to play on a low level official server may result in that alt account being banned. Low level servers are meant for newer players, not veterans.

    Votes for modes/maps outside of a server rotation
    Official Servers have fixed map/mode rotation. You should not force votes for maps that are outside of this rotation.

    We have over 100 official servers provided for your enjoyment. To maintain a positive community, help one another by treating each other with respect. This is a very competitive game and quite rage-inducing, however, you need to learn to hold that rage inside and not lash out at everyone else just because they accidentally TK’ed you or killed you with the catapult.

    The rules described above are reminders of what is not allowed on our servers. Chivalry is an 18+ game and we expect everyone to act accordingly.

    It is at the discretion of the server admin in game whether or not he/she will take action against you and the duration of the ban. An admin may kick/ban you for any liable and valid reason even if it’s not listed above if you are affecting other players and gameplay.

    As this is an 18+ game, we expect most people to act like adults, but we know this can’t always happen, thus we have to put out a few set rules. Failure to comply with these rules will result in being temporarily or permanently banned.

    Contact Info: If you feel you have been wrongfully banned or feel an admin has abused their powers, please get proof (screenshots) and send an email with full details to - If you have been banned and wish to appeal, you must include your full Steam ID as well. The easiest way is to just right click on your profile page and click “copy page URL” and then send me that link.

    DO NOT post anything publicly or it will result in negative consequences.

    Follow this guide if you need to get hold of a server admin from the Server Admin Steam Group:

    (Rules and guidelines can be added to and changed at any time.)

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