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    Apparently there’s going to be a new ranked system. That’s pretty cool. How do you guys think it will work?

  • No idea, in CMW there is no incentive to have a high rank, I create a new steam account once in a while just to keep my rank down and I can play some under performing class/weapon mix without feeling the pressure to lead the team.

    Nowadays there a lot of high hour players that use family share accounts so they can jump on a pub and go 50 to 20 as a rank 7 lol. So matchmaking would always be inherently flawed but I suppose by “rank” is better than random.

    From Toronto I find US East/US Central are fine. When on the west coast US West is the only one with a decent ping. So its not like a MMORPG where you have a big pool of players so it seems “matchmaking” is a lot of work.

    Perhaps instead of picking a server you just queue up for a game in your nearest ping region. Not sure how people playing via satellite (or however else they get those 250 pings) will work. If the design is 6v6 hopefully it only allows you to join if it doesnt give your team an extra player.

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    @gregcau said:

    So its not like a MMORPG where you have a big pool of players so it seems “matchmaking” is a lot of work.

    That’s a good point. You would need enough players in a single region. More than what Chivalry had. I wonder how big TB is planning Mirage to get.

  • Matchmaking is an alternative to server browser and I don’t think TBS had “ranked play” in mind when they came with it.

    6v6 is a pretty small pool of players. There’s a difference when one guy leaves during 16v16 and 6v6, I think matchmaking is supposed to help with that. Players will be directed towards almost full games to quickly fill in before it becomes unbalanced. Personally I think it’s a pretty good idea and I’m totally fine with it since we’ll still be able to use the server browser.

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