Linux server Lag

  • Hi guys
    You guys need some update patch for linux version ( server )
    Cause the server start to lagging after few hours,

    Have some1 same issue ?!

  • Make a restart every X hour for now :)

    can some dev explain me why my server start to lagg after some time ?!

    Without any reason everyone on the server have packet loss and server is laggy

    There is enough RAM Memory , CPU.

    So its not my dedicated server make troubles just software “Linux version of chivalry server”
    Do devs knows that problem ?
    Is there already something on work ?!
    I could have great server but ffs who like to play on laggs… when server start to lagging people just leave my server
    and they thinks “wooden server”
    and mb they will never back again on the server
    they dont know that wooden is version of linux server ! !

  • @deepfeel said in Linux server Lag:

    Do devs knows that problem ?

    They know about all the problems of the game but they don’t want to fix them. They are now fully focused on his new game. Chivalry is dead.

    The best solution is to use Windows to host servers.

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