Stop asking Stupid subtle questions

  • It grows tiresome were threads say news will be revealed later on and yet still
    you ask pitiful questions, blah blah. as the soup god says in seinfeld
    No more soup for you. Matchmaking , config key binding or vigilist
    or even the very idea of a troll fist fight in a tavern map for mirage are
    none starters and very annoying after the developers clearly stated
    just prior in each post no info is avail yet or tba…
    Wait till the game comes out no more spoiler questions tbh

  • As for that Tavern map many players hate it it in Chivalry due to trolls constantly trying to ruin any game mode
    by constantly callvoting it for a fist fight. The very idea some troll wants this map to be in mirage is offensive tbh
    bugger off.

  • @Clouseau Its the new game hype man. No big deal lol.

  • I actually know 3 or 4 were playing it yesterday on steam hehe. My detective work, off course I wouldn’t reveal who or times.
    One question is all I have which is a secret one, If you could guess what that is , who knows a free steam game might follow.

  • So you want me to keep asking questions then? There should be at least 3 fist only maps in rotation, if you vote no to change to one you get kicked and game automatically uninstalls. Or if your name is Loin you’re not allowed to play online without paying the online fee each time.

  • Do you think the game will support Voice chat? How will modding work? Will horde mode launch with the game or come later? What lessons learned during the making of DW influenced the development of Mirage? Will there be additional melee weapons to pick from? Does the game have third person camera again? Will first-person death cams come back, as they were awesome before they vanished from Chiv.

    Let me think of more questions

  • A vote has been started to change map to “aocffa-Tavern_p”
    Press ins to vote yes, del to vote no

  • Lies and propaganda ! This map will never set foot in Mirage ;p

  • Vote to change map failed with 65% voting yes. A minimum of 65% is required.

  • @Oy Rounds to the nearest integer.

  • “It grows tiresome that we’re talking on the forums”

  • I would be interested to see the kind of limitations on various things once the game is released, Is this the end of roger rabbit
    cartoon type players from Chivalry, that is the question :)

  • @Clouseau I for one am quite the fan of the characters in Chivalry. Especially the primary models before the ‘action figures’ came out. Moor like round dolls than sharp figures.
    I also say yes on the silly maps. It’s better than just not having them. I don’t understand the reason to hate on any map. Last time I checked you’d only have to play like 10/20 min on tavern. Or just DL ‘ArmedTavern’ in the workshop. Great map with or without weapons.

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