Why do Vanguards have so many advantages

  • In view of the blistering speed of Vanguards charging plus every sword is faster then the fastest knight 2 handed sword
    I have to question why they have so many advantages in this way? seemingly unending spam of sweeping sword swings
    with no stamina drain , they have longer range also across the board of swords? Bear in mind as my Sword of war was
    about to actually puncture a vanguards chest skin only then did he start his sword swing and kill me? Add to these
    fantastic sword speeds and superior ranges they have smoke pots plus 4 knifes even?

    It is my opinion Torn Banner really went to town to give Vanguards plus the other classes but Knight , major
    op advantages across the board, even unlimited slingshots of archers plus a glichy mini shield and spear.
    In such a vain effort to make the game easy to play Knights simply got ignored and trampled on by TB.
    As if simply a test marker to gauge how effective each awarded op new move or weapon did against Knights

    Knights have ended up as some kind of cannon fodder to be often hunted by all 3 classes in FFA, esp if
    in combat already, go and see for yourself any FFA server. So many Great Knights simply left this game
    for good never to return. If mordau this new game upcoming looks after Knights in the way they should
    have been treasured by Torn Banner you can bet a lot of Knights both currently left in Chivalry and former
    players of Knight will return to play that Mordau. It wouldn’t surprise me if they actually get a serious comp
    league off the ground with the vast majority of players being Knights from former Chivalry tbh .

  • @Clouseau level 50 halberd Vanguards are fucking ridiculous. I’m always on the defensive with those player types.

  • Vanguards are completely open to being destroyed by archers and they cant stand head to toe with a knight.

    Vanguards are only good against complete noobs, I block them and stab them twice followed by a kick or shield bash and they are dead.

  • @gregcau I agree, I don’t think vanguards are that good. Pretty easy to kill 98% of the time.

  • It sounds like you haven’t met any good ones even, we are in different regions you know plus you only play T/O modes.
    get on the Euro ffa servers at peak times or most times servers full of the best players in the world ( EU off course)
    so they tell me.

  • @General-Firefly General I must inform you that PC is a whole other world. I know Vanguards on PC that scoff at the sight of a messer knight. They aren’t like the spamguards you and I have seen on console.

    As for vanguards being “easy” or “OP”, it varies really. Some can be easily disposed of–but if you are up against a player who has their overall defense against drags and ballerina tactics on point, or uses these tactics, you are in for a fight.

    TBH I find high hour vanguards more grueling to put down than high hour knights, because at least with knights they can’t use range against you like a vanguard can.

  • Basically what I’m trying to say:

    Sees Newbie vanguard: “Doesn’t stand a chance…”
    Sees level 50+ vanguard with long reach weapon: preparing to change class

  • Well yes FFA vanguards have a big advantage - because FFA is only about running around with the heaviest damaging weapon and hitting people while they are not looking - so yeah in FFA I go vanguard with Zwei because archers barely have time to target you since everyone fights over who is going to kill the archer.

    Team Objective is where their class weaknesses become obvious.

  • Yes perhaps in your zone/country were you play, IN euro its not the case, quite often they even lead T/O scoreboards.
    Some even by 25 kills upwards. Some times this is a mirrored score on both teams vans in the top 4 or more slots on
    both sides with scores. You do see knights sometimes or Archers who seem to just run about spamming with butter
    knifes even doing all the roh stuff hehe. I have even seen them on both sides helping each other out in combat
    regardless of sides as do the man at arms often. Even team maa will stab a team mate to weaken him as an
    enemy man at arms then moves in for the kill. The whole ethos has gone mad some days but as this thread
    is simply about vanguards I stick to my point. Even if the range of swords was reduced considering the speed
    of swords it wouldn’t do any harm in this games 4th year imo. I’ve not looked into it yet but is even the stamina
    recovery time faster plus stamina usage lower on sword swings? They also seem to have an uncanny amount
    of more swings allowed then Knights before out of breath.

  • @gregcau
    What weakness though? their only weakness is archers, but the same can be said for every class.

  • @Xylvion nowadays I use SOW+Shield. Vanguards have no shields so they are much more exposed to archers. Obviously they have less armour. In TO have no problems dispatching them because it only takes two SOW stabs and then a kick and they are dead. Knights take much more effort if they have a maul or messer you have to be a lot more careful. Vanguards do fine in TO but only because spinning around with long weapons catches less professional soldiers out.

  • Imo to many of them have also become cartoon like in combat to boot, just today one came at me trying every toony move
    in a very long sequence, crouching reverse roh then jumping kicks with ranged long fast drags as he bent over finally he got
    into it with another player, bear in mind he was leading he scores in this ffa at official 4 just now, after he got killed would
    you believe he immediately initiated a vote kick against his foe , using the excuse his 25 higher ping was why he lost?

    My argument is they have the base game with all the advantages as it is, without the majority of them then adding
    glichy cartoon tricks plus 140 fov seems to be that type of vans set fov. Give the knights just one of those longer
    range and faster swords why not?

    screenshot taken just 20 mins ago top 4 were Vanguards Two of which even joined after the half way time marker in the map

  • Lol what about the horribly unbalanced messer 140+ ping with a messer and the magical slash button that 2 hits vanguards and 3 hits knights and can 1 hit maa and archer can make that person god it can trade anything with decent range and ok speed

  • Yes indeed just what the thread needs some console player who has hardly even made any posts trolling this thread now.
    what are you babbling about 140+ ping messer for, You might get that on the console but not on the pc were I play.

  • Lol i havent seen 1 match on console and when i watch pc were there was anyone not useing the messer vanguards weapons and such are kinda op but most weapons i dont think any compare to the messer, anyway why does the amount of post i have matter? And im not trying to troll this thread stop being a guy who believes he is always right just because you play on pc. This can apply to consoles to not just Pc

  • Oh and i know my english isn’t perfect

  • Hes got a point though. You could be the top vanguard of your region but two laggy ass messer swings and its a wrap for you lol

  • Being a cartoony vanguard doesnt prevent anyone from gambling and hittrading either. I know i do it if the player becomees a nuisence.

  • Pc vangaurds are a gajillion times harder to kill than console vangaurds. Have only seen a couple first hand, but then again I couldn’t see much with my laptops shitty framerate and hardware lag

  • I have no comment about console knights or vans tbh, I can tell you players from the games release sent to vanguard class
    back then due to its easy op fast to rank with such faster longer ranges of swords and weapons. 3rd person adds another
    layer of advantage I forgot to mention to this class. Knights, messer sword I don’t use myself or maul, it’s long sword
    or sword of war. If some of you say that messer is so bad , then compare that to all vanguard swords with further range
    plus speed then, see what you think of that then or how you deal with it .

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