The journey has closed on our side....

  • Victrix Mortalis (VM) is not longer active on the chivalry branch, we do hope to see some competition. In dark souls and doom though as we are still going to be participating in other games, just not enough in chiv anymore, myself and a few members are still interested in clans and wars tho, I’m just too busy now to run one myself, msg me GT Somervillage if you’ve got a spot for me, for those who don’t know me I main a vanguard with occasional knight if that matters, I will update the list of people within my remaining crew who wish to stay in the loop, thanks in advance

  • So far just me in search of a new clan for xbone, seems all my clan mates have moved on xD aside from a select few

  • List update for clans seeking extras:
    Legendz synoerz

  • Ive become disillusioned with comp chiv too tbh. Becoming more of a chore to assemble players and set up wars than fun.

    Im sad to see you go but a game is a game. This was a death knell to the console community to be sure. I mean Atom had the best players but VM had A TON of good people. :(

  • Not totally gone, I just have zero time to run it anymore, I’m more of a side member that participates occasionally when I’m not busy, but it rlly does suck we had a nice roster and we never even got to use our A lineup, most we had at one time were 2 A listers on a team, but alas that time will never come

  • @Somervillage if you need a crew ill have open spots for you and your friends. We are more of a chill clan than competitive. No mandatory practices or anything like that.

  • That’s the way VM was ran, except nobody ruled, I just organized things but everyone was free to speak and do as they pleased, and it worked

  • @Somervillage

    Well we’d be happy to have you if you want in. It will be a while before our first war though.

    my clan was going to be the old SDS council style but from experience and past complaints from lower members ive found it breeds favoritism.

    I want to be organized but i want to try to keep everyone happy. So im going with 90% democratic when it comes to OLDSKOOL.

  • @Village-Elder can’t have enough democracy I guess


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