Donations partly refundable private servers:

  • Its about time this industry woke up to this scandal by a minority of private servers tbh.
    Over my many years of gaming the horror stories of private servers asking and begging
    for donations is a nasty sight, n/o esp American servers turn out to be the ones with
    little pride but to openly even demand with even aggressive begging to some players.

    I have known many gamers who found out the server was run by ass holes who not
    only allowed cheating but them self’s were guilty of it themselves , while unofficially
    even allowing some close friends some subscribed members to have free reign .

    In my opinion the day were all donations were non refundable by paypal should be ended.
    Players who donate should be entitled to a percentage back in a refund if it turns out they
    were simply mislead and duped by some private server and his group of friends. eof.

    As in Charity even private servers should have accountability and punishment if
    they turn out to be this kind of misleading outfit. Same goes for sponsors to a degree.

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    You are responsible for your money, if you donate; you willingly choose to donate to that server, if you are simply bought to pay via begging or other simple techniques of persuasion then that is a weakness. I have a private server and people donate to keep the server running, 100 percent of those people are regulars and donate because they like the server and how the server is run.

    Also if people donate to their paypal or private accounts, again you are accountable for your money. If you donate such an amount you require a refund, due to unhappiness or misleading action, you either havent been in that server long enough to warrant a donation, or you require glasses, It doesnt happen overnight.

    You dont simply become a “misleading server” after gaining one months rent, you will know if you join one of those servers fairly quick and make judgement then if you feel you want to donate.

    As soon as that money leaves your wallet, you have no right to it at all; a Donation through legal transfer.

    Simply look at where your money goes and to whom.

  • Off course your going to say such rubbish. Server owners should be accountable regardless , just like Charities now days
    plus other organisations. That’s how the real world is shaping up. If you lead a server of good repute good for you.
    Others don’t some are like career cheats at video games spending time and lots of effort misleading players
    for donations. That is a fact. Simply saying a percentage should be returnable under such circumstances is
    how it should be if one such server is proven to be this kind of outfit. eof

    Is shouldn’t be such a big deal as your all so eager to put donation buttons on paypal etc for servers.
    People should not only expect value for money but be able to question in some cases what the hell
    is going on here when things are not as they seemed before a donation. It should also be a taxable
    reported income but that’s another story.

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