Blue death orbs

  • As of right now the blue orbs (Djinn Essence?) that appear after someone has been killed will stay there forever until picked up. Having a short time limit on them would imo be a better idea; if that was the case and you killed an enemy at range, you’d have to hurry to get the bonus health and block power/stamina and not wait until you perhaps have low health yourself and have to retreat.

    It also appears when you teamkill someone, which is silly, you can then use team killing as a means to stay alive.

  • Oh is that what the blue orbs are for, hmm it seems a little funny to be running around picking up drops, distracts you from the setting. I would perhaps prefer to just see some blue streak (like I got their life force) automatically go from my victim to me if I was close enough.

  • @gregcau I actually thought about posting that as I made the post. But I’m not sure how that would be balance wise, all in all, I’m not too keen on having them at all, but I have yet to do some proper 6v6 testing.

  • Moving automatically to the killer seems op and removes from footwork if in a team fight. I enjoy the orbs, they feel rewarding for winning and the extra health that goes beyond your max is nice.

    Definitely think a timer should be added.

  • Developer

    Added a duration to them and fixed the logic that was supposed to only make them spawn on deaths caused by enemies.

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