All pings on the server browser are stupidly high and incorrect, yet very normal actually in game.

  • Sup guys,

    Just wondering if anyone has any ideas as to whats happening with my server browser! Haven’t played in a few months, I just came back and I’m having this annoying bug with the server browser.

    I used to have the server filter set to <100 ping servers and it’d be fine, I’d see all the EU servers I needed. Now if I leave it at <100, I get like 1 or 2 servers. All the servers have like 300+ ping on the browser, so I have to turn the ping filter off to find the decent EU servers amongst all the rest. Which is a bit of a hassle.

    The weird part is that my internet is absolutely fine and once I join an EU server that apparently has 500 ping or something, it’s totally normal and normal in game. Could this be patch related, or is it perhaps to do with ports or something. I don’t know, I never used to have this issue. It’s also worth noting that if view servers through Steam, everything seems as it should be and I can set the latency filter to <100 and I get all the servers that I used to with normal pings.

    Oh and I’ve tried deleting all config files in documents but unfortunately it didn’t work. I deleted “Suppress=DevOnline” from UDK engine ini and let it sit on the browser for a while. Here’s a shot of the server browser, and then my ping in game a few moments later. And here’s my launch log and dxdiag after quitting.

    I didn’t search too hard but I couldn’t find a similar thread. Anyone got any suggestions for sorting this out?




  • @Zog Are you still seeing this issue?

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