I had a revelation....

  • Disclaimer: this is not hate towards the devs <3

    You guys ever think that maybe the classes and weapons aren’t op like some believe?

    But that when CMW was created, TB they expected players to master certain classes and weapon types, invent fancy moves like roh or backswings?

    Or maybe that maybe they expected newbies to play this game. That the skill ceiling wasnt supposed to be this high.

    I think Chivalry was TB’s ant farm. They made it, and backed away to see what would happen. Besides feeding the ant farm once and awhile (dlcs, skins, glitch patches) they didnt interfere. There are no rules in medieval war, why should there be in a game about medieval war?

    Conspiracy theory over.


  • I think they did try to make changes for the comp scene , though I thought Knight was a much better class on release
    plus having seen the game continuously change from release date, playing just knight you do notice how the other
    classes change as you fight them over the years tbh. Even subtle opness creeping in after some patches or community
    complaints, ie I don’t even know who put forward the very idea that archers needed slingshots , spears plus minishields
    or the maa staffs? not sure I recall any changes to knights but some kind of de nerfing along the way.

  • That’s why I’ve always played the javelin. Wanted to master it.

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