Do instructional video's ruin Chivalry for the others?

  • Lets take this very good video I am told

    What these video’s do is allow players with less then 60 hours to do is basically master most of the game / combat?
    Most of them have fish fovs’ dancing about in some animation stuff with leaning backwards or up or crouching
    into Roh’s , jump kicks or whatever else they reveal …

    Why is no consideration left over for the many players who spent 100’s of hours getting good or comfy
    with the skills they have? Are these video’s a good thing or not?

    for eg on that video he has 1000 views upwards, so we have a fast track to combat for many new players
    flooding the servers with duel combat stuff , hence some games you find your self fighting a foe as his
    3 or more friends watch on, as your fighting one , another might step in to try some non animation RoH
    on you or his friends all kick you about as if they are all simply out to impress you hehe.

    So called instructional video’s have sprouted up all over utube, even some by players simply showing off
    how fast they can farm while being contortionist vans at fov 140 plus, even maul knight videos.

    You lot are completely transforming the game and have been for some time into some kind of beast that
    barely represents the Chivalry a lot of players signed up for on its release. Why should a player with
    1000 hours walk onto a server with specialised coached players from instructional video’s of less then
    100 hours , who simply learned from a video plus could most likely beat them down?

    Now days on these pubs you get the feeling most players you fight are simply holding back simply
    to try some last few seconds super new move they learned on a video, or these new RoH moves which
    actually don’t have any animation but a thud as you die. Or trying to launch a sequence of elongated

    come at you with all kinds macro’d combat keys. I saw a few players crouch then into a jump with kick
    as the over head had already started by them in this sequence , a complete lack of animation but a
    thud and pile of spinning sprite in mid air. Add to this all you see is the player crouching , you miss

    all the other stuff as its one big gliche movement, I know a few players kicked on site for this
    specialised macro of combat but only exp players actually know what just happened to them against it.

    I would ask such a flood of such video’s is filtered in Mirage Arcane warfare, as at this rate we could
    end up a lot faster at this stage, which none of us want. Players who learned skills and earned them with
    time should be allowed to cherish that. Not every trick given away in a short video by some unthinking
    person about its long term effects on long hours played player base. Its just more respectful imo.

  • Did any of you see the comments about rank 60 players with 150 hours of playtime ? Lets take a Rank 40 player
    How many hours would you expect to find on a profile for that Rank. 500 would be my figure unless a dedicated
    player with specific fast track in mind, ie study video’s, hit the Duel circuit for a few hours a day , then into a farming
    mode . Is 100 hours possible to rank to 40 with aid of visual aid video’s to study before heading in and in between ?

  • The offshoot of this video culture of late is what a few veterans came to figure out. IE how many of you have noticed now
    nearly every server / game mode you play that you actually seem to be bumping in to quite a lot of players simply
    trying Duel stuff or some nasty bs move they recently learn’t of some video ? It seems every other tom dick and harry

    is trying to crouch into an elongated drag of epic circle sweep as they then come at you like a nut case with many
    such things , like a duel handbook of moves hehe.

    Yesterday near kicked for not Teaming in FFA many duelling types running about in teams killing normal folk
    then I jump into Team Objective to find players simply trying to Duel and anybody who kills or attacks them
    regardless of team is callvote kicked?

    The whole ethos of the game is going nutty tbh. By the way they are going the game should only be a Duelling steetfighter
    combat type of game with 1v1 allowed.

    Why can’t we video’s showing a Team objective game or LTS, how a captain plans his teams strat.
    Why are we getting stuck with endless video’s of fish eye fov simply showing tricks and in some cases
    exploits or how to hak or break combat by being glichy, fast short cuts to rank up. Endless players

    on these video’s contorting the bodies into weird animation poses or crouches. The who game is
    being effected by this bs nowdays , across the board in all game modes . Its nothing resembling
    Chivalry many sign up for or enjoyed a few years ago now days tbh.

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