D&D Spells that *might* be cool in the game

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    One of our core goals with the combat is to utilize magic to provide players with more control over their characters. Projectile dragging is one example and there are several more mechanics like this that allow players to be creative in combat such as the ability to block and riposte off of any incoming attack, to use movement abilities in any direction (including vertically) and lots more. So if you have any ideas on how we can offer more freedom of control and creativity in the combat as you play, make sure to send them along!

    So I’m showing my age but from the college days of AD&D the spells that might translate well to the game

    Magic User Spells

    Light Spell

    A blast of light that could affect your foes by blinding them temporarily allowing your team to get the jump on them


    A variation of that is the Darkness Spell (similar to what Drow would use) to drop a black globe on an area.

    Detection Spell

    In D&D there was Detect Good (and Detect Evil). I only bring this up because certainly in 1v1 at the beginning of the map you have no clue where your opponent is going - so you practically have to wait until they are on the first objective. Such a spell would test out a competitive teams communication skill (assuming only the caster got a sense of where their opponents were)

    Flaming Sphere

    In D&D this was something that was truly controllable, it would start on the ground and you would direct its course, it would roll over barriers and burn anyone in its path. That would require concentration from the caster (which would be interruptible), but would be slow enough that depending on footwork could be avoided.

    Mirror Image

    This always confused enemies - you sprout 2 additional versions of yourself but which one is actually you is random. Probably wouldnt work in enclosed areas though since the images would merge into the walls - but it was fun thinking about it in Mirage (and well it goes very well with the title of the game…). I think some illusion magic is needed to support the title…

    Ray of Enfeeblement

    This one would be interesting because if you are facing a team with a very strong melee player (lets say Spook playing Taurant or even worse Vypress) you would cast it on that person and their attacks would do far less damage.
    The converse of this would be the Strength spell which increases someones attacks (but I think melee does enough damage as it stands).


    This was the go to spell for everyone. It was perfect to cast and throw webs around their enemies trapping them. Variations you could think about include the many Hold spells which would paralyze their target. I think in general immobilizing a target is great - let them still block, parry, turn, fire projectiles but one would always panic if stationary since the game is so much about footwork.

    Dispel Magic

    Another key spell in any game, it translates somewhat to Mirage - a mage could use it to dispel the Vigilists Iron Dome or other mages spells like Big Blast, Phoenix - essentially all spells in the area of effect - could be useful to negate a teams prep work.

    Feign Death

    Probably not good in mirage, but a last resort line of defence to pretend that last strike killed you.

    Monster Summoning

    There were many variations of this, could be interesting to summon a Bot which appears as a golem or something. Unfortunately most of us hate Bots.

    Vampiric Touch

    Perhaps an alternative to giving the Alchemancer parry - instead use say forward scroll to cast this and if they can land a hit on their opponent - steals their health and adds to their own.

    Fire Shield

    This was always useful as a magic user - the flames reflect damage back on the person hitting you with a melee weapon. Similar was Stoneskin which protected you from a limited number of melee strikes - this is a nice alternative to giving the Alchemancer a contrived parry.


    Another important mage spell - the invisibility breaks as soon as you cast an offensive spell - and you can still be struck - but another way for Alchemancer to avoid melee - but probably it would be OP.

    Wall of Fire

    Nice to block a path - lots of variations (wall of stone, wall of ice), you can dive through it for damage or break it down if it is ice or stone.

    Mordenkainen’s Sword

    Now here we go lol, mage conjures a sword and controls it as if they were doing melee. Probably too complex to code but that would be damn cool.

    Prismatic Spray

    Dungeon master and Players favourite spray because it is so random - fires a cone of colors of the rainbow, which color you are randomly hit by defines a wide array of possible effects.

    Stone to flesh

    Another nice get out of trouble for an alchemancer - medusa touch - opponent is stone (limited time) but while stone they are invulnerable.

    Cleric Spells

    Most of the cleric spells are not so useful, except for numerous variations of heal spells


    Simple probably not good for the game, provide some bonuses for melee and defense

    Resist Fire

    Interesting, you could put an effect on an ally to drastically resist some other spells like Phoenix or Big Blast


    Semi-interesting - you could render your opponents deaf which would affect their ability to tell what is going on

    Raise Dead

    Now that could be interesting - instead of a respawn you raise another player from the dead !

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